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Journey Towards The Center Of The Earth by Bill Stone

We live in an era when Earth has been considered long-conquered. The highest mountains, darkest rain forests, the Arctic and Antarctic wastelands have all been explored and mapped. The ocean’s deepest points have been plumbed and detailed isobenthic maps exist. These former frontiers are now relegated to places for ever more detailed scientific investigations (especially the oceans for their bio-diversity), extreme sports, and for commercial exploitation. But as places for true exploration they are a part of history. While truly known only to a handful of teams worldwide, the last -- and arguably the most technologically and psychologically challenging -- terrestrial frontier is being systematically explored in our time: that of extraordinarily deep cave systems. And, like the original exploration of the Poles, and the race to climb Everest, there is a quiet, yet spirited competition now to explore the once-and-for-all-time deepest natural abyss on Earth.
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It is amazing to see real exploration. I always wanted to start a subterranean town. There is plenty of wind and geothermal potential to do farming, grow crops farm chickens. Live like high tech primates. Imagine how hard it is to do mining, refining and make tools with minimal outside help. In stead of books one would write things on the wall. :-)

Browns gas can melt rocks. Primitive electrolytic cells to supply the current. Geothermal energy to recharge the cells.

good fun!

It could also serve as an open prison colony. It beats sitting in a box and cooperating might encourage people to cooperate.

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