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telluric vortexi

A while ago on Mary Sutherland's show Humsa said something about a river flowing north was unnatural because it was going against the flow of gravity - and that started me thinking. Digging around on the internet, I found, a repository of everything from space shuttle ground penetrating radar data (just the thing for seeing if there's an atlantean temple under your sacred space!) to hydrology and terrain data, which I put to good use by checking which rivers actually flowed north due to something pulling or pushing them, and which ones were just flowing north because they were flowing down the north side of a mountain or the like. ( I got some interesting data, and also observed that some rivers and streams, instead of running straight or nearly so, would "wiggle", first being pulled one way, then pushed the other - just like a ying-yang symbol, or a alternating current symbol. After seeing if they were being forced around by elevation, mountains, hard rocks, etc. - I was left with nothing but the conclusion that some energy was pushing them about, first one way and then another, just as a vortex would do, and soon found a reference to Telluric Energy.

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