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Puharich Strikes Again!

Reailty becomes moar weird every day. Soon I wont have anything left to compare it to. :-)
Certain people come up again and again once you start following certain lines of inquiry. The most tantalizing ones are often those who there is very little solid information about. One such person seems to be Andrija Puharich. A while back, Fantastic Planet had an excellent article which discussed (among other things) how Puharich became a sort of mentor to 70's pop-psychic Uri Geller. Puharich allegedly convinced Geller that his psychic abilities were actually coming from some kind of cosmic computer called SPECTRA, which I've written about elsewhere. Puharich is also alleged to have been involved in something called the Council of Nine. What had originally started out as a foundation to study the paranormal was soon overtaken by a series of channelers who were said to be in contact with "The Nine", loosely based on nine ancient Egyptian gods. Puharich later convinced Geller that SPECTRA was powered by The Nine, although Geller eventually severed his ties with Puharich and this explanation.
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