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In 1993, an amazing flying gyroscope, the X-zyLo, flew onto the outdoor recreational scene as one of the most exciting games of catch. It was invented by Mark Forti, a Baylor University student, and refined within the aerospace industry. X-zyLo met with immediate acclaim. In 1994, X-zyLo unofficially broke the existing world flying disc distance record when it was thrown 655 feet. NASA scientists, renowned aerospace engineers and academic institutions have met with the makers of the X-zyLo, and studied X-zyLo's fascinating flight technology. Yet no consensus has been reached on how X-zyLo actually flies. X-zyLo has been featured on many television programs such as Beyond 2000, Science Times, and Regis and Kathie Lee as well as in numerous national and international news publications including the "L.A.Times", "Success Magazine", "The Christian Science Monitor", "N.Y.Times." The X-zyLo Ultra is an amazing flying machine ideal for catch games in a large park or beach.
YouTube - NASA cannot explain how it flies!!