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God is angry with us.
Why would God create a creature that uses 5% of its brain?
Depending on our age humans are made up of 70 to 90% water. When you
drink dead, chlorinated water laced with fluorides, pesticides and
fertilizer you think accordingly. All the malice, alls the hate, all
the stress is imparted in the water. When this water is recycled
through iron pipes, the information sent back to our homes and enters
our bodies. There it enters the bio plasma of our brains. Your brain
is a reflection of your environment.
Through morphogenetic fields our brains are entangled with all living
cell on the planet. When the planet is suffering the rest of us will
suffer accordingly. Experiments in remote communication between humans
ten-thousand miles apart have been confirmed. The hypothesis is that
the water plays some part in this but scientists have no way to prove
My hypothesis is slightly different in that it is the m-state in
water that is altering the structure and providing the communication.
M-state, also known as ORMUS and orbitally rearranged monatomic
elements exists in huge quantities in ratios as high as 10,000 to 1.
Their Cooper-paired, counter-rotating, electrons produce time
anomalies reducing their mass to near nothing. ORMEs are large
particle about fifty times larger than atoms that look like the planet
Saturn and due to their unique shape cannot form electron bonds but
must remain in the monatomic state or m-state.
Hal Putoff and other scientists working for General Electric helped
David Hudson get 22 patents on the material he calls orbitally
rearranged monatomic elements or ORME. Another acronym is OMUS. To see
the actual alchemical process of extracting the material being
performed according to the recipes in my book go on You Tube and type
Ultra small magnetic pulses or Messner fields transmit information
through the ORMEs with no particle exchange therefore there is no loss
of power and they fit the technical definition of a superconductor in
that they magnetically resonant couple. The coupling is non-local and
messages can be sent to the other side of the galaxy in one Planck
When you are passing electricity through a copper wire every time an
electron leaves a copper molecule it kicks out two, low-energy
infrared photons. Run enough electrons through the wire and there are
so many infrared photons produced that the wire gets hot and burns in
half. This loss of power is called resistance. When using magnetic
fields there is no particle loss therefore there is no loss of energy.
When you run magnetic pulses from one ORME particle to another it
transmits the power magnetically to there is no heat generated and no
loss of power. E=HF is Planck’s constant. Energy equals Planck’s
constant, times frequency. The higher the frequency the more power is
transmitted from one particle to the other so when you are working
with umpteen gigahertz you get an immense transmission of power which
would explain how human thought can alter the physical world.
Human thought isn’t the only thing that changes things. Armies of
bacteria can pollute water. Happy flocks of birds can change the
environment. Herds of animals happily galloping over the planes,
massive schools of fish all create morphogenetic fields which alter
the environment. Earth is a living thing with all things connected.
When you alter or destroy one thing it changes everything.
Humans are clear cutting and burning forests the size of Great
Britain annually. Humans have plowed up most all of the available
agriculture land on the planet and made half of that unusable by the
application of chemical fertilizers, paraquat, weed killers and over
planting. Half of the greatest producers of free oxygen on the planet,
the plankton and diatoms in the oceans are gone. The bees are dieing
due to the pollen from genetically altered foods which acts like a
poison to them. The idea behind GM foods was to make them resistant to
harmful insects so that farmers could get greater food production. No
thought was given to how it would affect the bees which are needed to
pollinate the plants. Increased electromagnetic radiation from cell
phones radio, radar and HAAEP is driving the bees underground.
What kind of morphogenetic fields are we sending out into the cosmos?
Is the Earth responding to what we are doing to it by altering the
weather? Is the Earth in a self preservation mode? Earthquake,
volcanism, fires and floods have killed off 4-million people in the
last ten years. Another 4.5 billion have been left homeless and
affected by higher energy and food costs.
Scientists and religions leaders do not doubt that global consequences
can be altered by a single thought! All you have to do is wait for the
conditions to be right. The flapping wings of a butterfly can trigger
a hurricane. Let us work together to create a morphogenetic field of
peace, love and gratitude.
Philosopher’s Stone
Let’s pretend for a minute that you are the King or Queen of a small
nation with ten-thousand barbarians trying to takeover your country.
What do you do? You will do anything to stay in power and outsmart
your enemy including, ingesting substances to extend your life and
increase your intelligence. That’s why this technology has been locked
up and kept secret for thousands of years. If this gets out, all
nations will become obsolete! Think of a world where the average IQ is
over 200.
Plants take it out of the soil and use it to power cell division. You
don’t get enough of it your diet because you eat mass-produced
supermarket food that has been grown on the same soil for 200 years.
That is why Americans are getting dumber, have a shorter life
expectancy and will contribute lots of money to the health-care
I spent over twenty years researching and writing this book and didn’t
know why exactly other than the fact it was so interesting. When
injected you suddenly go from using 5% of your brain to 20, 50 even up
to 80% of your brain. Some people need psychological counseling
because you take in all the thoughts and misery from people around
you. You can levitate and walk on water. You can put thoughts into
people’s minds. The responsibility that goes with the use of this
material is more than some people want to take on. It super conducts
during cell division enabling your body cells to live longer because
they don’t loose telomeres, (the little molecules at the end of the
DNA chain that determine how long the cell will live).
Thousands died seeking this technology worth millions. That’s why it
took me two years to decide to put the recipes in the book. I was
afraid of change. I eventually came to the conclusion that there had
to be a good reason why I was writing this book. We need it now to
save the human race!
You can have this technology in my 209-page book that contains seven
recipes to make m-state in your kitchen. The cost is less than twenty
dollars—a small price to pay for immortality. Dialing 1-(877) buy
book. You may also get it by going online to:
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