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Viktor S. Grebennikov

Viktor S. Grebennikov was a scientist - naturalist, professional entomologist, gifted painter, and, on the whole, a comprehensively educated specialist with a wide range of interests. For many scientists and others in Russia , he is well known as being the discoverer of the cavity structural effect (CSE). But that is far from being all that Grebennikov uncovered in his explorations of Nature. Few people know that in 1988 he found anti-gravitational effects in the chitinous exoskeletons of a certain Siberian insect species. But the most astonishing phenomenon associated with this antigravity was the partial invisibility or deformed visual perception of the material object that is located in the zone of compensated gravitation generated by these chitinous shells. Based on this discovery, and by using bionics principles, the author designed and built an anti-gravitational platform capable of practical, manned flight with speeds up to 25 km/min. From 1991-92, Grebennikov used the device as a means of fast, personal transportation.

biology, acoustics, antigravity