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Oxygen: 1940:38% - 2008:6% - death:5%

200 million years ago our Earth's atmosphere contained 50% oxygen. Around 1930 we had about 38% oxygen left. In 1950 it was 21% today the air in Tokyo may contain as little as 6% oxygen. 5% will be fatal.

58 years for 15% is about 4 years for each percent. About 1400 days for each percent.

It's not a joke.

For example, 2 years ago the Oregon's dead zone was totally oxygen depleted, that means readings of zero oxygen values. Marine animal carcasses cover the ocean floor where once breathtaking reef could be found.

Bush is going to kill everyone on this planet.

Not "maybe", not "perhaps", not "but we can still do things" I'm not going to bore you with math. You are offically dead already. I suggest you contact your business relations, I suggest you contact your politicians. Ask them not to do anything. Just tell them that they could have planeted hemp all over the globe years ago.

We want those in charge to die knowing who killed everyone. Hold their sufocating children while thinking "it was me who did this". It's a beutiful death. Slowly your brain will die, you won't be able to think or feel pain. I know Americans never use to be as stupid as they are today. You don't have to make yourself any ilusions. It was not nice listening to all the ignorant remarks while promoting alternative energy solutions. But at least I tried. Fringe, quack, delusional, nutty and disruptive technology. What a sad life... I was to late, you already coudn't think anymore.

Here is a picture, this you can understand.

The market will salve it! O yeah, sure it will. Sweet dreams!

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