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lack of oxygen: 40,000 fish killed in Rhode River

A massive fish kill Tuesday covered both shores of Bear Neck Creek off the Rhode River, the fifth such event this month for Anne Arundel. State officials and the local Riverkeeper believe the kill was due to low oxygen related to an algae bloom in the creek on the south side of the Mayo Peninsula. "This whole creek is one big kill zone," West/Rhode Riverkeeper Chris Trumbauer said yesterday after kayaking around the creek to examine the situation. Dead fish piled up along both shores of the creek from Whitemarsh Creek to the headwaters by Holly Hill Harbor's community beach. The Maryland Department of Environment, which had a man on the scene quickly to take water samples, count the dead, and determine a cause, initially estimated 40,000 fish were killed. Nick Kaltenbach, MDE's natural resources planner, read oxygen levels below two parts per million at the bottom of the creek several hours after the kill likely occurred just before dawn. Fish generally need five parts of oxygen to survive.
About 40,000 fish killed in Rhode River - Environment - (

I did put a tree in my garden but it seems to be dying, all the leafs have brown spots. We need giant hemp farms, not sunflowers. Our farmers should stop flipping over the earth before planting things. Lock the carbon into the ground. The rich have already purchased oxygen tanks to sleep in. The birds are looking for food inside houses. Not just bees but most insects have mostly died.

And we have 400 reported dead spots in the ocean already. Searching the web I find people talking about cutting down trees rather than planting them.

"Oh, the tree is blocking my sunlight!"

Makes me sad how stupid that is....