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This is definatly worth seeing :-)

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They are not alone (lol), here is another example.

When I was around 7, my family lived in a big old farm house we called the kesler house (Kesler was the last name of the owner). I had a really big room with a door leading to a balcony. I remember the sound of someone laughing and it sounded like giants were running on the roof over my room. Whenever my parents and I left they would lock the balcony door (a dead bolt lock and a latch) but whenever we returned home the door would be wide open. My mom would sleep with me sometimes because I would tell her my room is too loud. She too would hear the same noises and had similar experiences with the house. Sometimes, all the windows would open while we were gone, or doors would be wide open when we had shut them.
Doors and Windows Opening on their Own - Your Ghost Stories