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Air Force aims to 'rewrite laws of cyberspace'

The Air Force is fed up with a seemingly endless barrage of attacks on its computer networks from stealthy adversaries whose motives and even locations are unclear. So now the service is looking to restore its advantage on the virtual battlefield by doing nothing less than the rewriting the "laws of cyberspace."
Air Force aims to 'rewrite laws of cyberspace' // Current

The US military is sitting on 3000 alternative energy patents, all classified dangerous "national security" hazards.

In 1980, Stan Meyer ran his 1.6 liter Volkswagen dune buggy on his water fuel cell for 4 years.

Dr. Eugene Antonov and Dr. Vladimir Dresyiannikov of the Plasma Institute, Ukrainian Institute of Energy Research; Dr. Tibor Nagypal, Vienna; Roy Azevedo, Peter Graneau and Charles Millet from Northeastern University, Boston; Neal Graneau, Kings College, London; Gary Johnson, Kansas State University; Rea O’Neill, Dublin Institute of Technology; Professor Mike Laughton, Emeritus Professor at the Queen Mary university of London; Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin of the British Navy; Dr Keith Hindley, a UK research chemist the US military and the US patent office have experimentally verified Meyer's technology.

Their mutual conclusion was that Meyer's cell, produced far more hydrogen/oxygen mixture than could have been expected by simple electrolysis. Where normal water electrolysis requires the passage of current measured in amps, Meyer's cell achieves the same effect in milliamps. Furthermore, Meyer's cell did not require the addition of an electrolyte such as sulphuric acid to aid current conduction. According to the witnesses, the most startling aspect of the Meyer cell was that it remained cold, even after hours of gas production.

So where is it?

It was grasped away from the public because it would take away "their" petroleum war budget. The "need" to kill civilians by the millions would vanish like snow in a thermite reaction.

The "lets classify everything dangerous" agenda obviously makes their database extremely interesting to both the Chinese and the Russian military.

And lets not forget about Townsend Brown, Victor Schauberger, Nicola Tesla, Otis carr and John Searl. The internet is full of their work, but all the important stuff vanished into the US military database.

Air pollution and global warming was invented by the US military. The space age was CANCELED by the US military. They appear to think space travel is only good for dropping bombs on skinny people living in huts.

It is obvious why every secret service on the globe is trying to hack into their computers. Script kiddies wouldn't know what to do with the technology.

A simple proxy server would make it impossible for the solution described above to have any effect.

They want to know exactly what you are doing on the internet and intercept all your traffic. That is what this is all about. My guess is that this is related to the Yahoo and Google plan to deny governments access to personal data.

It will be interesting to see what President Obama is going to do in this context. No one wants to be policed by dishonest people so perhaps he can CHANGE that also.


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