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What money really represents.

240 magnify
Let me try give you a better picture of money.

Money is nothing but faces and logo's printed on paper. The only real value comes from the land, machines and peoples labor. 60% of the land is owned by the government. Solar, wave and wind parks can also be build in the ocean. The square meters and the machines make the real value. So by fucking up your own economy you destroy the value represented by the coupons.

Obama is rather mild in his agenda. I would demolish all industries without physical value. Take for example advertisement. It's an entire industry based on the value of brainwashing. It makes nothing of value. It would be far more efficient if governments all over the world would just support Google and Yahoo for doing all the great things they do for us. Labor was useful in 1800, money was a good tool in 1900. If you think you have some right to enslave people we should just chop off your head to make the point.

Building a house for some one to live in should be something we do for fun and to learn things. We would all be there for you to help you build a giant living. You don't have to help, making things is fun. Perhaps you don't believe in it but when your greed is sufficiently poisoned with happiness you will understand.

We will just laugh at your dumb greed until you don't want it anymore. We remember how you wanted Child workers in china to make your products. We remember how you wanted old disabled people to starve on the street.

Better make sure you have everything you need or you will return to your sadist practices. If you still want to be enslaved after 10 years of vacation we can always get rid of you.

Put you in a block of plexiglass in the museum.