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Putin message for west and USA

PLEASE RATE THE VIDEO A reply to juhler's "A message to PUTIN and the world" video. I think he oversimplified that matter and does not acknowledge why Russia is acting like it is. Anyway I hope you watch the whole video and make a response. I recommend that you to read the whole script as my video does not do it justice. 007=&menu_konferenzen=&sprache=en&id=179 & Or watch the video: (I'm not sure if the video is complete but I believe it is as I got the clips from it) And here is interview with Putin which here in the UK was completely used as propaganda. I may not agree with him, I don't even like him, but I believe (main) media is there to provide us with a full picture and not distort reality which is what it does. There can never be peace between people if media continues to behave so unscrupulously. All we are getting is selected excerpts or total "analysis" done for us so we don't have to think. Thanks for taking the time
YouTube - Putin message for west and USA

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