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Developing Intuition with Silva

One of the highlights of the Silva program is the level of intuition that graduates experience, not just in the days AFTER the class. But during the actual class itself. We asked some graduates to share their stories of intuitions, hunches and sudden moments of clarity that came to them in the days and months following their Silva training.
Developing Intuition with Silva | Silva Method Life

Some parts of religion are starting to make scientific sense to me. I would like to remove faith from the equation, we want facts! Faith is useful but (strangely enough) not mandatory or even a part of religion, religion can still be part of faith if you don't understand it.

I'm not subscribing to specific god systems. I don't mind surprises. :-) But there is knowledge in the scriptures, knowledge I need to develop my understandings!

I don't have time for believes, this obviously includes disbelieves! So obviously!

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