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On Nov 22, 5:13 am, gabydewilde wrote:
> The first to accomplish Sonofusion has to be the Pistol shrimp.
"Originally, biologists thought that the snapping sound of pistol
shrimp was caused by clicking the claws of the snapping arm. However,
the sound is actually caused by a cavitation bubble. When a pistol
shrimp snaps its claw, it sends out a high speed jet of water which
creates turbulence, resulting in the formation of low pressure
bubbles. When the high pressure of the ocean pops the bubbles, they
emit a sharp “crack” just like a pistol.

It also appears that the bubbles emit a brief flash of light when they
collapse. This is because the bubbles compress so quickly that the air
inside cannot escape. As a result, it becomes superheated, sometimes
approaching the surface temperature of the sun. The flash of light is
referred to as “sonoluminesence,” and it appears to be unique to
pistol shrimp, as biologists have not observed a similar phenomenon in
connection with other animals.

Although pistol shrimp are not much of a threat to people, they pack a
serious punch for such small creatures!"

Enough punch to blast fundies out of their laboratory.

> In 1874 John W. Keely described and demonstrated the acoustic
> dissociation of water.
> In 1970, Dr. Andrija Puharich (MD) acidentally made oxyhydrogen gas
> while subjecting blood to specific freqencies. Unknowingly
> reproducing Keely's work.
"It is hardly necessary to weigh the value of the World Energy bank
account for any sophisticated person, these days. It is grim. The oil
reserves will dwindle away in a score of years or so, and the coal
reserves will be gone in some twelve score years. This is not to say
that the outlook is hopeless. There is an abundance of alternative
energy sources, but the economics of development and exploitation
present an enormous short term strain on the world political and
banking resources. "
> Punarich refined system has a barrel-shaped cavity containing water.
> He introduces alternating current at 600 Hz. The cavity
> resonates with the impulses. Adding additional harmonics, cause
> the proton in the hydrogen atom to rotate, further forcing the
> hydrogen to split from the oxygen.

> Keely stated that water can be progressively dissociated at 620, 630
> and 12,000 Hz (These are on the molecular, atomic and etheric levels
> respectively.)

> Punarich 600 cps is a harmonic of Keely's 12,000 Hz etheric level

> 12,000 / 20 = 600

> Keely also claims that the disruption of water occurs at 42,800
> cycles per second.

> It is significant to note that Punarich converted his motor home to
> run on water and reportedly drove it around for hundreds of thousands
> of miles using water as fuel.

> This of course all means nothing to the stubborn disbelievers so let
> us continue the journey.

> Nobel prize winner Dr. Nakamats who holds over 3000 patents and
> invented the floppy disk claimed his Nostradam II engine can make free
> energy from water. His patent describes the use of a resonating member
> to disassociate water into hydrogen and oxygen.
"Yoshiro Nakamatsu ( born June 26, 1928), a.k.a. Dr. NakaMats, is a
Japanese inventor claiming to hold the world record for number of
inventions with over 3,000. He is known as the "Edison of Japan."
Nakamatsu claims that possibly his greatest invention is the floppy
disk (1950). He is the only person who has licensed 16 patents to IBM,
including the floppy disk. He created his first invention at the age
of five. Nakamatsu is a graduate of the University of Tokyo. He has so
far completed four doctor thesis and claims that he will never stop
studying. Archimedes, Michael Faraday, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla and
Yoshiro Nakamatsu were chosen by U.S. Science Academic Society as the
five greatest scientists in history. He was awarded the 2005 Ig Nobel
prize for Nutrition, for photographing and retrospectively analyzing
every meal he has consumed during a period of 34 years (and counting).
The goal of NakaMats is to live over 140 years old. He invented the
Enerex, a pollution free car engine that runs on tap water and can
generate three times as much power as a standard gasoline engine. It
splits water, producing hydrogen as the fuel."
> The hundreds of laboratory confirmations of Pons and Fleishman's cold
> fusion setup also deserves a note here.
> Lets not forget Stanley Meyer, who obviously coudn't be expected to
> explain everything he invented. Stan's hardware has been
> experimentally examined by Dr. Eugene Antonov, Dr. Vladimir
> Dresyiannikov, Dr. Tibor Nagypal, Roy Azevedo, Peter Graneau, Charles
> Millet, Neal Graneau, Gary Johnson, Rea O’Neill, Prof. Mike Laughton,
> Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin, Dr Keith Hindley, US military, US Patent
> Office experts and the Pantent Office seconded experts.

> The basic WFC was subjected to three years of testing. This raises the
> granted patents to the level of independent, critical, scientific and
> engineering confirmation that the devices actually perform as claimed.

> Named scientists have observed the cell making gas without heating up
> for many hours at a time.
> Former NASA scientist Daniel Dingle has been driving around in a car
> running on water since 1965. He deserves the benefit of the doubt
> because not one news agency has dared to visit him.
PIPAC (1998): 45% Hydrogen

100 Q.B. Century Compound
20th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City

20 March 1998 A-98-0195-00 Page 1 of 1


Source: Tap Water; 12V Car Battery (Motolite)

ANALYTICAL METHOD(S): Gas Chromatography

RESULT(S): Hydrogen 45%

> Heavy water physicist Yull Brown has unquestionably demonstrated we
> are dealing with a nuclear reaction by neutralising radioactive
> materials using a brown gas torch. This is a soup made of water
> droplets, steam, protonic and normal hydrogen and oxygen.
> NASA scientist Herman P. Anderson has also managed to accomplish cheap
> dissociation of water.
"Herman has consulted with Nasa and the US Airforce on some of our
country's most important Top Secret Projects including the first US
satellite in space, the SR-71 Blackbird, the Stealth Fighter/Bomber
and Starwars. Herman worked closely with Dr. Wernher von Braun testing
hydrogen powered rocket engines, and he also worked with engineers at
the now famous Skunk Works, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, JPL, and
Cal Tech. While in the Air Force during WWII, Herman served as a
fighter pilot, a flight instructor and bombardier trainer. He was
certified in and flew 23 different airplanes during this period."
> Anderson, Brown, Dingle, Punarich, Nakamats and Meyer have all build
> cars running on water. A car with a Garrett carburetor drove
> journalists around Texas as early as 1935 refueling at the lake.
> Dennis
> Klein also build a car running on it's own hydrogen source.
"Aquygen™ is a novel gas produced inexpensively from water. It is a
superior replacement for oxyacetylene in most brazing, soldering, and
cutting applications but can be used with standard equipment. Used as
a supplement to automotive fuels, Aquygen™ increases fuel economy
while decreasing emissions, dramatically improving the efficiency and
cleanliness of transportation within the existing fueling
> Even when one asserts all of the above to be hoaxes in the face of our
> world problems, even then the pistol shrimp will be staring you in the
> face.

> By lack of business insight perhaps you don't want to believe in
> conspiracies but....

> ....why is Keely's patent still not listed?

> .... what business does Congress have debunking sonofusion?


> >Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 21:24:24 -0400
> >From: "Rusi P. Taleyarkhan"

> >I am away from campus and could not respond earlier but suffice to say
> >I and several of my colleagues are apalled at the note from Rep.Miller
> >for it's lack of balance and single-minded fervor to posit a
> >prejudicial one-sidedness. I will be able to talk with you next
> >Monday if you wish but thought I'd share my views with you here. Feel
> >free to contact several of my co-authors (cc'd to this message).

> >Basically, One must question:

> >- Why did this memo/letter from Rep. Miller's office intentionally
> >omit ANY/ALL mention of the positive findings and supporting evidence
> >from the many reports from Purdue Univ. committees that ultimately
> >prevailed to have Purdue's peers and administrators make it's
> >February,2007 decision to issue it's Press release concluding no
> >misconduct and no need for further investigations? Why this
> >intentional cherry-picking of points from the written reports
> >specially chosen to portray a negative image? Is this the American
> >system we are to follow, or is it just politics as usual? As written,
> >the memo/letter essentially presents only the accusers points of view
> >and passes it's verdict on the accusations.

> >- Why did this memo/letter completely disregard the mass of
> >supporting evidence / information sent to it by me separately
> >(including a statement to Congress) that essentially answered all of
> >the accusations being levied with vitriolic fervor?

> >- Why is it that the same people/detractors who openly as of last
> >December eagerly awaited Purdue's verdict on my work during the
> >year-long reviews and examination of facts, only to then come out to
> >challenge the same once the verdict was announced because the outcome
> >was not what they wanted to hear? Smacks of sour-grapes and
> >reminiscent of the political knee-jerk demand for a recount during
> >political season.

> >- Fundamentally, why would Purdue administration want to side with me
> >rather than the accusers, one of them who was an administrator himself
> >who fell from grace for his many actions totally unrelated to bubble
> >fusion? In fact, I am the one who has borne the brunt of the burden
> >for extraordinary proof based on which Purdue made the Feb.2007 Press
> >announcement absolving me of research misconduct.

> >- Why is it that per rules of engagement the requirements for
> >confidentiality in State of Indiana's C-22 Process being selectively
> >applied to me? Why is it that the illegal actions of some go
> >intentionally unpunished even when they openly are defiant of the
> >admonishments from the Provost and the rules we are all expected to
> >abide by?

> >- By any stretch this transmittal represents a gross travesty of
> >justice. Where are the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the Asian
> >community during this episode that has caused this biased and openly
> >one-sided smear campaign?

> >Rusi Taleyarkhan
"A team consisting of scientists from Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the Russian Academy of Sciences
reported the production of nuclear emissions in a deuterated liquid
using focused mechanical / acoustic energy, which was published in
Science (3/8/2002). In a resonant acoustic reaction chamber, tiny
(nanometer scale) vapor pockets are generated using neutrons and then
made to grow by factors of ~100,000 prior to implosion during which
ultra-high compressions and temperatures may well be induced per shock
code modeling and simulations. Sonoluminescence light flashes and
nuclear fusion reaction products are observed when induced in
deuterated liquids. The team reports evidence for the production of
statistically significant (>50 SD) 2.45MeV neutrons and gamma rays
which are time-correlated with light flashes occuring during bubble
implosion, accompanied with statistically significant tritium
> "Just what does it take before a revolutionary discovery is accepted
> by the world's scientific community? That's the question raised by
> renewed claims by a US-based company to have found a radically new
> source of energy."

> "BlackLight Power, Inc. is the inventor of a new primary energy source
> with applications to heating, distributed power generation, central
> power generation, and motive power. It is based on a new chemical
> process of releasing the latent energy of the hydrogen atom, the
> BlackLight Process. On October 20, 2008, BlackLight announced off-site
> validation of a 50 kW reactor. Rowan Scientists confirmed BLP's 1 kW
> and 50 kW power source tests corresponding to 20 kilojoules and 1.0
> megajoules respectively. Chemical analysis of the reactant and
> product R-Ni powder could account for less than 1% of the observed
> energy from known chemistry. BlackLight's results have been published
> widely and replicated by independent groups."

Griggs hydrsonic pump also makes exessive heat - you know how.
"During the past several years of intensive research, Hydro Dynamics
has studied the production of shock waves for the purpose of
transforming fluids. Early prototypes, consisting of a rotor spinning
inside a housing, were able to significantly increase the temperature
of water flowing through the device. This result indicated that it was
possible to harness the power of cavitation. This controlled
cavitation generates shock waves, which convert mechanical energy into
heat energy.

The first patent was issued to the Company for the ShockWave Power
generator in 1993 (U.S. Patent No. 5,188,090). The Hydro Dynamics, Inc
--- The Solutions Company is now patented in the US, Canada, Japan and
11 European countries. The Company has also filed process patent
applications for gas/liquid mixing using its technology. "

> Archimedes Plutonium wrote the following 11 years ago:

> Message from discussion Put ITER and NOVA on ice; and all-out-attack
> on Sonofusion
> On Aug 3 1997, 8:00 am, (Archimedes

> Plutonium) wrote:
> > In article <>
> > Cesium-137 <> writes:
> > > Fool is pushing it a little, but you have to realize lack of creativity
> > > isn't what is going to kill sono (I do happen to believe sono
> > > experiments will be continuing for a very very long time). What is going
> > > to be sono's down fall is the fact that in opaque liquids one cannot
> > > make the needed observations required for cell adjustment. Now, I am
> > > sure there will be many experments with sono in cryo liquids; so, keep
> > > your eyes peeled.

> > Greg, I thought you promised to experiment with mercurysonofusion
> > come August, and this is August. Would it not be better quality time
> > with the experiment rather than make posts to the Net? What neutron
> > measurements do you plan to make on the mercury?
> > My writings have a _Policy Statement_ included and therefore should
> > be heeded more than your writings, Greg. The policy statement concerns
> > the funding of big science projects. It is _Pragmatic_.

> > Policy Statement--- fund those big science projects which demonstrate
> > a *beneficial surprize* along the way.

> > So, let us review the history of these three competing engineering
> > fusion programs.

> > (1) Tokamak fusion: started 1950, spent 15 billion, with never any
> > beneficial surprizes along the way. At best achieved 1/4 breakeven.
> > (2) Laser (Shiva -Nova) fusion: started 1970, spent 5 billion, with
> > never any beneficial surprizes along the way. Again, at best achieved
> > was 1/4 breakeven

> > (3)Sonofusion: started 1988, spent only some thousands of dollars,
> > not millions nor billions. A huge big surprize occurred in the year
> > 1990 when Gaitan & Crum were able to sustain a stable large bubble that
> > was repeatable. Two big surprizes, stability and repeatability. This
> > bubble can already be used to produce lasers. So already this 1990
> > discovery has engineering use.

> > So, from judging the history of seeking fusion energy, already, of
> > the 3 contenders we have a front runner according to the _policy
> > statement_.

> > How much would it cost both in time and in money to setup Sonofusion
> > with the most advanced state of the art equipment and to accurately
> > measure forsonofusion in 1,000 different liquids, liquids of nearly
> > all the elements of the periodic table and 900 others and their various
> > different dopings. My estimate is in the low millions of dollars. How
> > much time? I suspect in less than 1 to 2 years of diligent work. Then,
> > if no further big surprize comes withSonofusionafter the 2 years time
> > is up, back to the ITER and NOVA and their increased budgets and
> > activities. But in the meantime, the 2 years for Sonofusion, keep
> > tokamak and laser fusion at this level with no increase. After the 2
> > years is up with intense research into those 1,000 liquids, and no
> > further big surprize, then back to ITER and NOVA on schedule.

> > My policy statement was recently put into action. Although I must
> > admit that I arrived at this policy statement after the deeds and
> > actions had already been committed. I bespeak of the Mars Pathfinder
> > mission. Here we had big science project. And before the Mars
> > expedition we had other planets and satellites competing for space
> > missions. But a big beneficial surprize came to the space program in
> > the form of a Mars meteorite found on the South Pole that was
> > discovered to "claim purported life". That discovery justified the
> > spending for the Pathfinder mission to Mars. Here we have an example of
> > a big science project that follows my policy statement to the tee.

> > So, considering that Sonofusion of the three types of fusion design
> > has been the only research to turn up a big beneficial surprize. And
> > considering that the cheap money and the small amount of time, 2 years
> > is fast, that the knowledge gained of 1,000 different liquids and
> > dopings, knowledge that will be sought in the future anyway! That this
> > route makes the most pragmatic and commonsense.

> > And also,Sonofusion, if it exists is either directly related to
> > Laser fusion, in that the collapsing bubble is the laser driver. Or, Sonofusion, on the remote chance could be a tiny *supernova-physics*.

> > What I am implying above is that Sonofusionis combinable with Nova
> > Laser type fusion. Instead of the pellet to be fused with Lasers. Stick
> > the Sonobubble in the center of the Lasers and help the Sonobubble
> > along with achieving fusion. But we need to know what the best liquid
> > is and doping is.

> It works with tap water. Use a sonic jewelery cleaner tune it, add
> high voltage to help it along. Mix in incombustible (exhaust) gasses
> to prevent the hydrogen and oxygen from making pairs and to reduce the
> burn speed.

> Thanks for your time and good luck,

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