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Fusion and water fueled cars

Shaking water molecules to break is easy, we know lots of ways to do it, Even MIR is already an old technology. The molecular bonds vibrate in many different ways. The trick is to find ways to split the water molecule using the energy in those bonds. In conventional electrolysis this energy is lost into heat. Additional energy is lost (as heat) when the protonic hydrogen and oxygen make pairs (H2 O2) But lets start with thinking of clean energy. Then think about clean water. Then realise that 99% of the price we pay for products is in the energy cost. Now remember most people on this planet try to live on less than 1 dollar per day. Petroleum is pumped out of the ground for free and burning it costs oxygen we desperately need to breath. It's to much of a price to pay for a bunch of petrowarmongers. Is it not? Sonofusion or other resonant dissociation of water would be like getting 100 times as much energy from a gallon of water than from a gallon of petroleum or a huge pile of coal. But you can already build a fuel savings device yourself. People are ramping them up to 200 mpg already. Open source there is the smack booster, Bob Boyce electrolyzer and thousands of other simple devices doing the same. Gluing some solar to the roof of your car makes it less Ærodynamic but after adding some batteries you can suck the electricity you need for hydrogen fuel enhancement out of that and/or get rid of the dynamo. Remember those are things you can do yourself in your garage. We need our scientists to make the cold/sono fusion work, suppressing it for conservation of petroleum monopoly is an idea whose time should end. Cars are already being designed not to have resonant effects, it should be relatively easy to engineer them to create a water hammer effect out of that. [link] Fuel vaporizers aren't exactly a new technology either. [link] Thermolysis can be done very efficiently using engine exhaust heat. [link] 70% of the energy in a car goes out the exhaust. It can be used directly to make hydrogen. [link] We have to conclude cars can run on water and so can everything else. [link] The galaxy isn't as far away as you think. :-) But first we want to see the Water fueled car.

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