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Andrija K. Punarich

See his lecture here:

The Puharich patent is referenced by Stanley Meyer's Gas generator voltage control circuit. Here is the abstract:

Method and Apparatus for Splitting Water Molecules
ABSTRACT: "Disclosed herein is a new and improved thermodynamic device to produce hydrogen gas and oxygen gas from ordinary water molecules or from seawater at normal temperatures and pressure. Also disclosed is a new and improved method for electrically treating water molecules to decompose them into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas at efficiency levels ranging between approximately 80-100%. The evolved hydrogen gas may be used as a fuel; and the evolved oxygen gas may be used as an oxidant."

Punarich made his discovery subjecting blood to various freqencies. This research also led to his blood storage innovation. And his Method and apparatus for improving neural preformance in human subjects by electrotherapy.

He further more makes referrence to inventor: Stephen Horvath from Australia who's patent is assigned to Beeston Company Limited, Hong Kong.

Electrolysis method for producing hydrogen and oxygen
ABSTRACT: "A novel electrolytic cell produces a mixture of highly ionized hydrogen and oxygen gases by a method combining electrolysis and radiolysis of an aqueous electrolyte. The electrolyte, which may be a 25% of potassium hydroxide, is introduced into the cell and is simultaneously subjected to an electrolysing current and intense irradiation by electromagnetic radiation of frequency less than 10.^-10 meters."

The Horvath patent in it's turn refers to:


Patent number: 2016442
Filing date: May 11, 1932
Inventor: Alfred Kilgus

Kilgus also has a British patent and a France one.
Process for effecting or facilitating the decomposition of liquids into gases

At this time (1932) actual experiments are still allowed to be included into US patents even if they provide to go beyond Faraday.

Example 1

" An electrolytic cell as shown in Fig. 1 was filled with a 30 per cent solution of caustic potash, and a direct voltage of 7.55 volts was applied to the electrodes, resulting in a current intensity of 10 amperes; the temperature of the electrolyte was kept at 18° C., the pressure being 740 mms. mercury. The magnetic field was as strong as feasible between the poles of an electromagnet arranged outside of the tank a. There were obtained 27.720 litres of gas per hour. On repeating this experiment under the same conditions, but on omitting the magnetic field, a voltage of 10.6 volts proved to be necessary to obtain a current intensity of 10 amperes, and the yield was reduced to about 24.9000 litres per hour."

I love the patent images. He explains it all in 2 simple pictures, of course the molecule will spin if one turns the field 90 degrees.

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