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The Dogon and the Nommo from Po Tolo

Dogon astronomy goes back at least to 3200 BC. From Nommo visitors they learn Sirius has a companion star called Po Tolo (Portal) we call it Sirius B. (shows how freakin unimaginative we are) The Dogon describe Po Tolo being very heavy and has a 50 year elliptical orbit Sirius.

French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen got skooled on this by Dogon priests as early as 1930. Our ignorant academics "first" observed Sirius B by telescope in 1970.

The telescope was not invented by Galileo, he didn't even want to buy one. In stead 3 simultaneous Dutch patent applications got rejected because the applicants submitted them roughly at the same time. One of the applicants describes reverse engineering the invention from ancient writings.

Knowing that the mind has it's origins far far away from this planet perhaps we should look at dense places like Po Tolo as the so called heaven. We cant blame our ancestors for being a bit unspecific. The heaven is up there some place. ehm!

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