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I finally found the meaning of life

The plant kingdom created mankind to transport them to other planets. If we don't comply we will become fertiliser. We are suppose to study flywheels in order to create anti gravity technology. Some are more destine than others. Look at the oxygen levels. The plants can do without animals for a long-long time. Like creating a stockpile of food. Soon our food will be taken away from us. At this stage peoples believes become 100% irrelevant. You can still be ignorant about the purpose of humans you cant however debunk the facts. Space travel and terraforming can secure our survival. Failure to do so will result in mass death.

You cant explain what triggers your thoughts, so we cant dismiss a possible purpose. You can pretend your ideas originated inside your mind but you have nothing to show for it let alone to suggest all human thoughts have their origin in the person.

People have been building the space ships throughout the history of mankind. See part 10 of Eric Laithewaite's x-mas lecture. Read about Otis T Carr and look at US patent 2912244 Stop crying about the climate and the economy in stead you should amuse yourself looking for the solutions.

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