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The end of phisics

On Dec 15, 5:48 pm, Sanny wrote:
For last 2 years I visited physics group to learn something new. But I
find people discussing the same old theories.

No one comming with new ideas and new theories.

Physics has become a law book where all rules have already been
written and any one says something new he is asked to learn and
memorize all the laws written in rule book. And that rule book is so
large that whole life gets exhausted in learning that. So nothing new
comes out.

When Galileo said earth is round he was given punishment for it. As
the Church already knew the earth is flat. They declared Galileo as
mad as he do not understand earth is flat which Christ have written in
rules book.

Same thing is happening now. A person ages 20- 24 cannot say anything
in physics because by that time he has not mastered all laws of
physics. But by the time he masters all rules his age is 40-50 and he
get old age problems.

Now that old man forgets many things he has learnt. And when someone
proposes a new law he just says I have read the rule book for 50 years
Go and read them then you will understand what is correct.

So nothing new can be created with such philoshophy. Because of Rule
Book aproach new ideas do not cultivate. And if this continues Physics
will End.


Be Intelligent:

Yeah, I actually came to that conclusion without any study. All I did was ask honest questions. The so called smartly skooled men wearing dresses and funny hats never answered any of them. They angered as if indoctrinated with lies. Much like when one discovers Santa is not real or doesn't find WMD's.

The Dutch patent applications show the telescope was reverse engineered by 3 separate Dutch guys from ancient writings one of their production models reached Rome Galileo advertised against buying it.

Galileo then progressed to build his own, the priests did look though it but suggested it to be a hallucination. Galileo didn't agree etc etc

The moral of the story is that the telescope was eventually accepted as real science even by the church dweller men with the funny hats and the dresses.

"Galileo made his first telescope in 1609, modeled after telescopes produced in other parts of Europe that could magnify objects three times. He created a telescope later that same year that could magnify objects twenty times." -

Now for the good part!

"Royal Raymond Rife was the inventor of the Universal Microscope which he presented to the world in 1933. Besides being the most powerful optical microscope ever made up to that time, it was also the most versatile. The Universal used all types of illumination: polarised, monochromatic or white light, dark field, slit ultra and infra-red. It could be used for all manner of microscopical work, including petrological work or for crystallography and photomicrography. According to a report submitted to the Journal of the Franklin Institute it had a magnification of 60,000x, and a resolution of 31,000x. The ocular of this instrument was binocular, but it also had a detachable segment lower in the body for monocular observation at 1800x (x=power) magnification." -

I recently posted 20 some videos made with this microscope in the sci.physics.research group. I got a most friendly email denouncing the video material to be a hoax because it didn't fit established physics doctrine of max magnification. This while the video evidence speaks for it self.

"Utilizing a Rife-Bare phanotron plasma device, this experiment is an attempt to repeat the acclaimed work of Royal R. Rife who used his 'universal microscope' and phanotron plasma device to destroy, or as he described it, "devitalize" microorganisms. While Rife is said to have found the resonant destructive frequency (MOR) of many dangerous pathogenic organisms, this simple experiment works with a harmless organism known as a Blepharisma. It is a 'proof of concept' experiment. A helium filled glass bulb (phanotron) is stimulated by an audio-rate amplitude modulated Radio Frequency carrier (27 Mhz) into a plasma state (the fourth state of matter) and these 'plasma waves' gradually destroy this microorganism. As Rife would have said, it is now 'devitalized', it's basic biological functions (eating, replication, etc.) are no longer viable. Were this a pathogenic organism, it would be rendered harmless." -

So we can dial into the specific oscillatory frequency of specific cell shapes. One would think 80 years later we would be ready for such technology. But the men wearing dresses and funny hats seem to be against it.

They will say "How dare you write about this, I knew people who died from being ill!"


The empirical evidence speaks for it self. The church dweller men wearing dresses and funny hats are moar open minded than the men in dresses wearing funny hats from the physics establishment. Here is an excellent video about the likes of such mis-behaviour.


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