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Here in the Netherlands Pot is legal, taxed and limited by age. This is not my opinion, it's a fact.

Decisions about Pot should be made by medical expert not by seemingly political correct assertion. Unless Barrack Obama has a medical degree he should not feel tempted to mingle in peoples prescription in order to make it more politically "correct".

The negative bias Americans have against hemp was 100% established by the media, there are enough pot smokers in prison to pay for your health care! Now do think about that for a moment. Do you want to lock away cancer patients or do you want to use the prison and tax money for medical care.

Popular mechanic called it the billion dollar crop with 25 000 uses. This includes bio fuels, concrete, clothing, plastics, medical applications, soap, wood, fibers, paper. In contrast hemp does not have any LD50 rating. This means it is about as sensible to forbid it as it would be to forbid carrots or potatoes.

The current policy takes the useful purpose away, it brutalises the terminally ill, it puts the narcotic in the hands of children by lack of age regulation AND it doesn't bring in a penny worth of taxes.

The word "Canvas" comes from the Arabic word "hemp". Columbus made it to America thanks to hemp sails and hemp ropes and wearing hemp clothes! To make it even more silly, it grows absolutely everywhere and replenishes the soil. This means all deserts on the globe could be turned into fertile farm land in a mere few years. For thousands of years this crop grew all over the planet, there can be only one reason why the deserts exist. The natural way by which nature historically restored such lands was outlawed. It's not a crop but a weed, it doesn't require any care, you just toss out the seeds and harvest it lots of times per year.

It would create those 2.5 million jobs in 6 months. No more energy crisis, no more dwindling economy. It would all be fixed in 5 to 6 months.

Non of this is my opinion, it are facts! My opinion is 100% irrelevant. Honestly, who cares what I think? In fact if I did voice any opinion I would be playing for doctor which I'm not legally allowed to do. I'm sure this is also perfectly illegal in the U.S. What do you think? You want your neighbors to play your doctor now?

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