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Muntazar al-Zaidi subjected to repeated beatings in jail

Journalist Will Not Apologize for Shoe-Throwing IncidentThe Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush last week said through his lawyer that he will not apologize for his actions. Muntazar al-Zaidi has been held in prison for over a week. His attorney said al-Zaidi has been subjected to repeated beatings in jail. He has internal bleeding in his left eye, as well as bruises over his face and stomach. On Monday, White House spokesperson Tony Fratto was asked about the treatment of Muntazar al-Zaidi.

Journalist: "Tony, on another subject, is the White House at all concerned about reports by the brother of this Iraqi journalist who is being held for throwing his shoes at the President? His brother says, in visiting the journalist in jail, he sees signs he's been tortured, missing a tooth, cigarette burns on his ears."

Tony Fratto: "He's in the hands of the Iraqi system. I don't have anything more on the shoe thrower. I think it%u2019s been explored extensively, and I have nothing new for you."
Democracy Now! | Headlines for December 23, 2008