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United States Oil from Coal [USOAL]

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USOAL sells affordable hydrogen to stationary users of fuel to replace their existing fuel

Hydrogen is efficiently delivered directly to your facility as a high pressure gas by conventional
pipelines treated with a special teflon coating that resolves issues with hydrogen embrittlement.

USOAL works well with existing fuels by adapting your equipment to use both hydrogen and
your existing fuel

Hydrogen's flash point and combustion characteristics allow it to be used in burners and engines
under the same conditions as existing fuels with only slight modifications to accomodate both.
USOAL will buy your existing fuel at a premium

Most existing fuels may be upgraded by adding hydrogen to them. This does not involve
burning the fuel, or producing any sort of emission. Coal may be turned into gasoline and jet
fuel adding hundreds of dollars per ton. Residual oil may be turned into gasoline and jet fuel,
adding $30 per barrel. Allowing USOAL to buy your existing hydrocarbon fuels while you burn
our hydrogen fuel, reduces your overall fuel costs while eliminating pollution from your site.
This allows you to continue with long-term supply contracts of existing fuels, while adding
hydrogen to eliminate pollution and reduce fuel costs in the future..
USOAL will analyze your needs and come up with the best solution for you

Review some of the examples given in our services section, and then contact USOAL with your
needs and USOAL will give you a preliminary program estimate to meet those needs.
USOAL's unique solar energy trading program.

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