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Alchemical Manual for this Millennium

INTRODUCTION to ALCHEMICAL MANUALfor this MILLENNIUM, Vol. 1 - a free ebook in htmlHere is an easy alternative science textbook describinga NEW concept of COSMOLOGY and an all-new Symmetric Field Physics;It introduces a revolutionary concept of reality that is both new to the modern world,and more ancient than recorded history. The text is simply presented (no math) for all those people interested in the truth ofthe world around them. It is designed for students (young and old), fascinatedwith the physical world, who have found problems with the currenttheories taught in the academies of today. The new information presentedby the Star People through scribe, A. Olson, is destined to overturn bothclassical physics and particle physics . Described as both revolutionary andprofoundly ancient, the ideas within the text will illuminate a path for humanity tomove forward in knowledge and promise to integrate all aspects of scientific studies.
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