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The economy is a plastic doll

The whole world is "bankrupt". Banks are meaningless annoyances, the economy uses resources, resources run out if you use them irresponsibly. People have the tendency to think from what they want and what they had yesterday not willing to make compromises in this erroneous view. In the real world we have resources that we can use to make things or call it power our economy if you like.

If you spend your money like there is no tomorrow you will find at the end of your money you have a chunk of month left. This is exactly what is going on. The idea "I have money so all is fine" is based on the sheer fantasy this money is actually worth something.

Our inspiration is bankrupt. We need to change our ways and not just a little bit. The only alternative solution we have and we are currently implementing is to kill people as fast as the resources run out.

People who have money will use it to kill people who have non. People who have no money will accept this because they believe in the value of money.

Without a big change in mentality in the end there will be no one left. It's as simple as that.

The main debate is about ENERGY. We are incredibly wasteful and we are blind and ignorant towards the solutions.

The last 300 years a HUGE laundry list of inventions was discarded and it's progress killed off using propaganda smear.

They created this academic propaganda for you with no other purpose than to make you think you are to dumb to understand anything that has to do with technology.

I try to focus on the simple tech which is simple enough for a baby to understand. The illusion you would be to stupid to say replace a light bulb is pure nonsense. We have supper LEDs today which can be manufactured cheaply. A few Watts of power is enough for you to sit indoors.

We can build hydrogen boosters making cars more efficient but they continue to be giant chunks of iron. You are basically driving around a giant steel container rather than moving your ass around.

90% of the enegy is lost in the engine, the other 9.5% is used to move the blob of iron and make friction on the road.

This car did 376 miles per gallon or 160 km/liter long ago.

It means a car doing 37 mpg does one tenth for the same fuel.

So driving it from 1999 to 2009 uses fuel for 100 years - from 1999 until 2099.

It was build in 1973 it's now 2009 or 36 years. This means we used enough fuel in car A to drive car B for 360 YEARS

Imagine you are driving into a wall with 100 km/hr. If you would be going 10 km/hr you could learn from it.

We are heading for the end with the speed we are moving at today we are not going to recover from it.

Take this,

This is something anyone can build. You might need a bit of help but it is not impossible. People are doing this today.

When you get it done you can help others do it. If you feel helping others is just not for you you deserve being killed by people who think about you in the same way.

Buy some solar, buy some batteries to charge with it buy some efficient lights.

Start a vegetable garden.

Don't chose any of the things you can do but do all of them.

Stop worshiping your ego by believing in propaganda nonsense.

Money is going to become worthless soon.

Not "maybe" but it is guaranteed.

You want lights in your house? Does eating food sound good to you?

Or are you going to continue to fill your day with trivial entertainment? Trivialize your own existence for cheap thrills?

I'm just a silly guy right? Some one to make fun of. Perhaps even a hippie. *shrug* You have Britney on your side, Oprah and Bill Gates, they are going to save you right? You dont' have to do anything.

Ehm, haha?

The economy is fake, you are trying to save a plastic doll.

Experts say less than 5% need to work in order to provide for everything we need. The other 95% is just destroying things. Connect the dots, there will either be a world war in order to get rid of them or we can move to a self providing self sustaining lifestyle.

You will be at home all day, have food, heating, everything you need, what could you possibly have against it?

All you need to do is stop imagining some one else is going to build the new world. Wink

People do try you know, you are just not being very supportive as in not at all.

Take this guy for example.

He saved us long ago, we just didn't allow it to happen.

You know? money money money?