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Fuel for Cars, Energy for Homes, By NGEN

Fuel for Cars, Energy for Homes, By NGEN
With the advent of nano-extraction techniques, the extraction of
hydrogen from sea water for the use of power generation and fueling
of cars is a step closer. NGEN's proposed conversion of coal and gas
fired power stations to hydrogen and the supply of hydrogen for cars
will revolutionise the worlds energy sector.
Due to developments in the nanoextraction of hydrogen from sea water,
the hydrogenerator has been revised with this cheaper and more
efficient system.

Regarding the dangers in storing vast ammounts of hydrogen we at NGen
have instituted a "Just In Time" Processing Model allowing with
pipeline and in-situ sea water extraction, the process of safe,
secure- ease power generation on massive scales, and the supply of
hydrogen for the use of cars and other combustion engines.
NGEN looks forward to providing cost effective energy for the worlds
markets, but must overcome much derision and stagnate policies,

full production can occur, lets hope we achive our goals and find the
markets available to us.


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