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Classified Technology, Dylan Touhey and Graham Stevenson

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Welcome to Graham and Dylan's Covert Technologies web page. This page introduces many new concepts, most of which have been classified by the US government and military. We believe that these technologies are all currently in use today, and it is our objective to introduce a few of these theories to the reader. We cannot possibly cover all available information in this project; nevertheless, we have provided numerous links throughout the article and encourage further exploration of these under-reported technologies.


"Classified Technology" #2, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey
Microtechnology is science done on the micron scale. A micron is a millionth of a meter.That is smaller than most of us can perceive. A micron is a thousandth of a millimeter.Our fingernail is about a millimeter in thickness. This is a very small measurement. And a nanometer is a thousandth of a micron; a billionth of a meter.

The nanometer scale is the atomic scale. From “one side of the nanometer to the other there are only about three to five atoms . . . [and] atoms are the ultimate building blocks oflife.” Imagine the scientific and technological possibilities if we had the ability to craft material and life at the nanometer scale. If we could precisely piece atoms together at the nanometer scale we would have immense ability to control and alter the objects created or manipulated - the possibilities of precise creation at the nanometer scale are almost unbelievable. As R.E.Smalley explained at a presentation in Dallas in 1995:

“The greatest example of [the power of nanotechnology] at present is in every living thing. It requires water to be around -the elixir of life- and I like to call it the ‘wet side of nanotechnology’ . . . This wet side of nanotechnology is incredibly powerful. In fact, the more you get to know about it, the more you are drawn in absolute awe. You think of how beautiful your daughter is, or a flower, or how incredible a human eye is that it can see, or a brain that can think. And then you think, this wet side of nanotechnology (what most people call biotechnology) can do anything.”

But crafting on the wet side of nanotechnology (biotechnology) is extremely difficult, and has not been pursued for a variety of reasons: we do yet have the knowledge or the technology. Biotechnology has not been pursued as of yet, but dry technology has been manipulated by us for many years. With the industrial revolution, the development of dry technology, technology that can conduct electricity, has exploded.

“[M]ost of the industrial revolution that led to our modern society is not a tribute to biotechnology. It's a tribute to the development of steam engines, and gasoline-powered motors, and all manner of electrical devices, including radios, telephones, TV's and computers -- all of which are technologies from the other side, the dry side. And increasingly I believe this is going to be an area of great development.”In the article linked above, R.E. Smalley gives a fascinating and frightening sketch of the technological advancement of humans over history, and maps out the implications ofmodern technology on the earth as a whole. He shows how the world’s recent rapid population growth is an extreme threat on the earth and that there will be some major changes in how we live and the state of where we live once the world’s population reaches 10 billion. And the world’s population will reach 10 billion before too long. “[S]ometime, about four to five hundred years ago, modern civilization started really taking off with the invention of the printing press” and other technologies that quickly followed. “As a direct result of these new technologies the population rose rapidly. By the time the of the second world war, we were at about two and half billion people on the planet. Amazingly, the population has now more than doubled just since the second worldwar. So, more than half this problem has happened during the living memories of either ourselves or of people in our families that are still alive.

If all the population in North America, Europe, Eastern Europe, and Japan somehow disappeared, still we would have a tremendous population problem on the planet. Something is going to have to happen to change what has never happened before in the history of all civilization. This curve, this remorseless rise in population is going to have to stop.”

So the question that Smalley is asking and each of us on the planet is asking is: “ "Can we sustain this? Can we have this planet with ten billion plus people on it, and have a stable world civilization, and give everybody -- every one of these ten billion people -- a reasonable lifestyle? " It's not obvious that we can. In fact, it is becoming fairly clear that we cannot - not with the current technology base.”

Nanotechnology could be the technology to address this problem of survival in a worldwith such a rapid increase in population. In explaining the extent of the physical strain on the earth our new technologies exert, Smalley tells us: “The next question is what happens in the future-what can we predict? The trouble is we probably cannot predict very well in advance because the Earth is, as we say in technical circles, not a linear system . . . the Earth's climate is a sort of system that if you perturb it past a certain point, it will say "Okay,now I'm going to do something completely different."

Well, what are we going to do about it? We have 6 billion people on this planet. Over two-thirds of these, roughly 4 billion people, live in undeveloped countries. And they are not going to go away unless there is some completely unprecedented holocaust, and we certainly don't want that. As the information age spreads within this undeveloped world, perceptions of vast imbalances in well-being will become vastly destabilizing. Currently 95% of all energy produced in the world is made one way or another by burning carbon, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If it is true that we're starting to see this signature of climate change already, we've got to stop this.

Once it becomes clear that it's starting to have an effect, we aren't going to be able to suddenly fix it, because the length of time it takes for carbon dioxide to equilibrate with the oceans is estimated to be 100-200 years. "The effects on the atmosphere and the environment from fossil fuels are horrific when viewed on a historical timeline, and if we are to sustain the earth in the future we must come to use solar energy." Smalley explains why solar power is the only possibility for supplying energy to the world in the future in the second half of his article here.Could we provide for all the world's energy needs with solar power? The answer is clearly, Yes! It turns out that on a square of West Texas, 100 miles on a side, there is enough light coming down that if you can collect that and turn it into transportable energy at 10% efficiency, you could take care of our current little black dot, just 100 x 100 = 10,000square miles of Texas ( or maybe only 90,000 square miles of Arizona). So there's plenty of light coming down. Striking the earth every year there is over 10,000 times more solar energy than required to provide for the world's expected energy needs in 2050, the big black dot.

In this super-efficient, low light level, solar energy converter of the future, down 'where the rubber meets the road', where that photon turns into stored energy, that's going to occur on a length scale less than the wavelength of the sunlight (about 400 to 1000 nanometers),and it's going to have to store the energy somehow: chemically, or as an electron going up into some sort of capacitor, or something like that. All this, intrinsically, is going to have to occur on the nanometer scale. It will be a nanotechnology. And we need it desperately. So it turns out that with such a solar nanotechnology you could create a solar power industry which could actually start solving some of these global environmental problems--itdoes have the muscles to address this energy issue world wide.

We've got to learn how to build machines, materials, and devices with the ultimate finesse that life has always used: atom by atom, on the same nanometer scale as the machinery in living cells. But now we've got to learn how to extend this now to the dry world. We need to develop nanotechnology both on the wet and dry sides. We need it urgently to get through these next 50 years. It will be a challenge. But, I am confident we will succeed.”


"Classified Technology" #3, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey
Holographic projection for military purposes was conceived after the Gulf War of 1991. Holographic projects involve the projection of 3D audio images over to any place at any time. Images can be projected across large geographic areas to create a virtual experience for those lucky, or un-lucky, enough to encounter such images.

Holographic technologies have become a projected medium in which technologists are able to implement life-like holograms world wide through a network of satellites. These images could conceivably project images across the planet in every language to every culture. One could imagine a projection of God or Jesus across the globe in attempts to gain world-wide religious unity with conclusive evidence of only one God. This “New World Order” sounds like a farfetched idea stemming from a science fiction novel; however, such technologies have been developed by the US military and could easily be made available for governments, corporations, and political regimes willing to invest the appropriate funds.

The system has already been tested. Holographic projections of the “Christ Image” have already been seen in remote desert locations in and around Area 51. However, such reports have only been published by tabloid papers which naturally renders them void. Images of alien craft, monsters, angels and even ghosts can be projected into the sky. “Computers will coordinate the satellite and the software will run the show and tell”. The only limitations lie within the creative minds of the graphic artists. Holography is based on satellite signals which are capable of delivering images or holograms with depth perception and sound that would be broadcast from the confines of space. One can only speculate the religious pandemonium that would arise with a word-wide projection of Jesus or Buddha, or the mass social hysteria with a choreographed alien invasion.


In a world of nuclear capabilities and atomic destruction, it is safe to assume that conventional warfare is out of the picture. However, this does not imply that countries are not presently at war. The warfare of the future may be upon us now. The American military has been developing and implementing worldwide mind control experiments and electromagnetic thought control since the Cold War.

Is our freedom of sober thought and free speech within our democratic society a factor of natural reality, or have thoughts of social conformity been implemented upon us as a vast military experiment of remote human control? Thoughts can be controlled remotely with electromagnetic impulses. Remote thought control has been tested in numerous government and military experiments originating from the Cold War. In 1996, the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board published a 14 volume study of future developments in weapons technology refereed by journalists as New World Vistas. Nestled in the 15th volume are some eye opening and anti-ethical discoveries that have been classified until 1996. Reports indicate that experiments with Biological Process Control within the field of neuroscience. This idea deals with electromagnetic energy sources that can, and have been implemented, within the human body. These electromagnetic remote impulses can control human emotions, muscular movements, induce unconsciousness, transmit suggestions, and even tamper with short and long term memory. We could be living with experiences and memories that have never occurred within our sober conscious existence. In other words, the military has the ability to erase your life’s memories and replace them with a completely fictitious set.

There is widespread speculation that these mind-weapons are already in covert effect. Behavior modification is a key component of peace enforcement even within our own nation. “Perception molding” and“advanced psycho-technologies” may currently be the government's means of social conformity and civil control.

Those who may be against revolutionary change are already identified with comprehensive interagency integrated databases. Anti-conformists can be categorized and then altered psychologically with sophisticated computerized personality simulators.

Morphing is a modern term that refers to the distortion of TV images allowing electronic newsmedia to be manipulated specifically for yourself, producing convincing, almost natural images through a television-like interface. The brain processes this information as though it physically exists and creates, in a sense, a type of induced fictional reality.

Such methods of mind control within a population can be seen as an essential technological application to control or minimize crime and anti-conformity--or create reform--ridding society and culture of free natural thought. These methods were key in the promotion of an Eastern Communist regime and could be implemented locally to promote an idealistic state in order to prevent societal malfunction.


"CLASSIFIED TECHNOLOGY" #4, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey
On June 1st, 195, military intelligence officials of the United States, Canada, and Great Britain became alarmed to discover frightening reports of communist success at “intervention in the individual mind”. The Soviets had succeeded in obtaining confessions of espionage by Hungary’s Josef Cardinal Mindszenty, an anti-Communist. The Russians had claimed that they were able to indoctrinate political enemies and even control the thoughts of entire populations. Researchers became convinced that the communists’ success must have been some mysterious breakthrough. The US government’s scientists proposed an urgent secret research program on behavior modification after learning of reports that American prisoners of war were being brainwashed in North Korea. Drugs, hypnosis, electroshock, and lobotomy quickly became subjects of study as a vast US effort was implemented to close the mind control gap. From the end of World War II well into the 1970’s, the Atomic Energy Commission, the Defense Department, the CIA and other agencies used prisoners, drug addicts, mental patients, college students, soldiers and even bar patrons, in a vast range of government-run experiments to test the effects of everything from radiation, LSD, and nerve gas to intense electric shocks and prolonged “sensory depravation”. Some of the human guinea pigs knew what they were getting into while others didn’t even know they were being experimented on. In a real life and death struggle with communism, America could not afford to leave any scientific avenue unexplored. American Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary ordered the declassification of millions ofdocuments after the Cold War on various radiation experiments and is now considering compensation to the subjects of gruesome atomic testing. The government has long ignored thousands of other cold war victims, rebuffing their requests for compensation and refusing to admit responsibility for radiation invoked injuries.


A physiologist by the name of Dr. Puharich demonstrated that information could be exchanged between rooms with no electronic linkage between rooms with telepathy and clairvoyance.

While working with Dutch psychic Peter Hukos who had gained his ability after a violent blow to his head, Dr. Puharich observed that Hukos was successful at locating missing people when his brain emitted a frequency of 8 Hertz. Puharich came to realize that people could be trained to produce 8 Hertz and other Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) waves consciously.

On July 4, 1976 the USSR unleashed a new weapon. The Russians were emitting an 11Hertz signal across the world which disrupted radio communications everywhere. The US Air Force identified 5 different frequencies that the Russians were sending through the atmosphere and underground. The Russians had intended to control the conscious thought in different human populations and nothing could be done to stop or reduce these ELF waves. There is no geological or man-made object capable of stopping or reducing these waves, not even our oceans.

Dr. Puharich developed a machine that could measure these ELF’s and the adverse effects upon the human brain. At a rate of 6.6 Hertz the Russians were able to invoke depression. Puharich established that 7.83 Hertz could make a person feel good and a frequency of 10.80 Hertz could cause riots. Puharich never identified Russian transmissions of these high ELF’s.

Research is now being conducted within the US government to find out the full effects of such ELF’s on the human brain. Similarly to drug experiments in the 1950’s, this electromagnetic based research was conducted upon an unsuspecting population.

Could these ELF’s be used for peaceful means? The sun radiates 7.83 Hertz and our human composition is 67% hydrogen which oscillates at 8 Hertz. The magnetic waves of the sun are produced by hydrogen and when one oscillates at 8 Hertz, one can meditate with the sun. Other countries have learned that direct meditation can bring down missiles and increased rate of 11 Hertz can alter the weather and bring on a storm.

The Soviets used 6 Hertz to cause earthquakes in Iran and China, and Puharich claims that similar effects to this can be achieved with our minds.

If we oscillate our brains in tune with the sun at 8 Hertz, ELF waves can be used to heal, calm animals and help the world. On the other hand, other governments know of these techniques and may use ELF’s to provoke war.

Puharich proved that the Soviets used 11 Hertz in 1976-77 in attempts to control weather patterns. However, the frequencies that are activated take years to diminish in strength. This caused the Russian people to suffer from a severe winter storm, three consecutive crop failures and caused drought and great heat in the Americas.


"Classified Technology" #5, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey
Defying the Laws of Gravity

Achieving Anti-Gravity with Superconductor Electromagnetics

In 1996, Russian émigré scientist Eugene Podkletnov (PhD in the manufacture of superconductors) submitted a peer-reviewed article to the respected British Journal of Physics-D. In this article Podkletnov claimed that he could prove a defiance of gravity. When a London newspaper published Podkletnov’s work, the skeptics tore him apart. Einstein had proved that you could not defy the laws of gravity! Subsequently, Podkletnov withdrew the article and was evicted by his university. In 1996 he retreated from the public eye and relocated to Finland.

Although ridiculed by his peers, Podkletnov’s controversy hasn't been ignored. His discoveries were, and continue to be, investigated in laboratories and institutions around the world. NASA took up Podkletnov’s study of anti-gravity in 1997. The basis of NASA’s work comes from Podkletnov’s discovery, described as follows.

While rotating a ceramic disc superconductor above powerful electromagnets, Podkletnov noticed something extremely strange. Small objects above the disc seemed to lose weight. It was as though they were being shielded from the gravitational pull of Earth. The weight reduction was small, measuring approximately 2% but this strange occurance had never been observed before. If the principles involved in the shielding process could be refined and intensified, the implications would be immense. Scientists theorize that practical and affordable gravity nullification could change our lives more radically than the invention of the internal combustion engine. One can imagine the convenience of a future in which vehicles can levitate freely.

Does this idea seem far-fetched? It did to most physicists who laughed at Podkletnov's report. However, Riley Newman, a professor of physics at UC Irvine has researched gravity for 20 years and responded to the Podkletnov findings. "I think it's safe to say gravity shielding is not conceivable." Riley argued that perhaps Podkletnov had made a mistake, measuring magnetic fields or air currents instead of genuine weight reduction.

When asked about providing proof, Podkletnov claimed that his results had been verified by researchers at two separate institutions. He refuses to identify these people for fear that they will be ridiculed and ruined by the gravity establishment. The gravity research team at NASA has made no secrets of their work, declassifying all information and cooperating in full with media and scientific anti-gravity enthusiasts. They have not produced any definite results, and so currently the only credentialed scientist claiming to have witnessed gravity modification is Podkletnov himself.

When asked by reporters how this ideas were discovered Podkletnov announced that

" Someone in the laboratory was smoking a pipe....and the pipe smoke rose in a column above the superconductor disc. So we placed a ball-shaped magnet above the disc, attached to a balance. The balance behaved strangely. We substituted a non-magnetic material, silicon, and still the balance was very strange. We found that any object above the disc lost some of its weight, and we found that if we rotated the disc, the effect was increased."

When asked about Podkletnov’s experiment, John Cramer, a physicist who was familiar with the story stated, "I don't believe he has discovered a shield for gravity." Cramer insisted that huge amounts of energy would be required to achieve such an effect. Podkletnov claimed that "We do not need a lot of energy," he said. "We don't absorb the energy of the gravitational field. We may be controlling it, as a transistor controls the flow of electricity. No law of physics is broken. I am not one crazy guy in a lab; we had a team of six or seven, all good scientists."

Few of Podkletnov's critics actually bothered to review his work. The majority of the scientific community couldn't believe such a major discovery in physics by such a no-status materials scientist fooling around at an obscure lab in Finland.

It is true that Podkletnov wasn't a physicist; nevertheless, he did have a doctorate (in materials science) and he knew how to do careful lab work. When he wrote up his results, his papers were accepted for publication in a few physics journals. An Italian theoretical physicist named Giovanni Modanese became intrigued with Podkletnov’s findings. Modanese was not dismissive of the whole gravity shielding idea, reasoning that on a subatomic level scientists simply don't know exactly how gravity functions. "What we are lacking today," according to Modanese, "is a knowledge of the microscopic or 'quantum' aspects of gravity, comparable to the good microscopic knowledge we have of electromagnetic or nuclear forces. In this sense, the microscopic origin of the gravitational force is still unknown." Modanese developed a theory to explain the shielding phenomenon at the Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany. In the United States, NASA’s scientists were thinking along similar lines as they obtained funding to replicate Podkletnov's experiment

Further investigations showed that Podkletnov revealed that his work had been replicated by students in Sheffield, England, and by scientists in Toronto, Canada. Podkletnov consulted with Wired Magazine Group Inc. in a telephone interview with the Sheffield students. He told Wired that he had worked with the unnamed Canadian scientists in Toronto, where he worked under full secrecy for several weeks. When asked about his progress Podkletnov replied, "If people follow my experiments exactly," he says, "they succeed. But if they want to follow their own way -" He shrugs. "I try to cheer them up, let them do it, they may find things that I missed."

How did Podkletnov accurately measure his claimed 2% weight reduction? Podkletnov used a mercury manometer which was placed above the disc. The manometer is similar to a barometer, and when placed above the superconductor, the disc recorded a 4-mm reduction in air pressure primarily to a reduction in the weight of the air. Podkletnov took his mercury manometer to a lab directly above the superconductor disk one story below. He foundexactly the same result as if his experiment was generating an invisible column of decreased gravityextending upward indefinitely into space.

In 1990, before Podkletnov’s experiment, a scientist named Douglas Torr from the University of Alabama started publishing papers with a Chinese woman physicist named Ning Li. Together they predicted that superconductors could in fact affect the force of gravity. Podkletnov had accidentally validated their predictions. Torr and Li worked with the Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville, where they eventually persuaded NASA to start a serious long-term investigation. Ning Li remained involved, while Douglas Torr relocated to South Carolina.

In South Carolina Torr had ventured into even stranger territory. He released a document of antigravity news and space drive technology in an amateur E-Zine. The document described a "gravity generator" that would create a force beam in any desired direction. Torr’s research and development have been limited by funding. When asked about his publication at the Office of Technology Transfer at the University of South Carolina, Torr exclaimed to Wired Magazine that his document had been presented prematurely and that it had received wider distribution than was originally intended. Torr told reporters that his team was still working on the technology, and would prefer not to receive any publicity at the time.

Bob Park is a physics professor at the University of Maryland and when asked about Podkletnov’s work he stated, "Well, we know that we can create shields for other fields, such as electromagnetic fields; so in that sense I suppose that a gravity shield does not violate any physical laws. Still, mostscientists would be reluctant to conclude anything publicly from this." (Park debunks "fringe" science in a weekly column for the American Physical Society's Web page)

NASA’s Anti-Gravity Projects

David Noever works for NASA as a theoretical physicist and is the key figure trying to replicate Podkletnov's work. Noever explained that the team is trying several different approaches to achieve such an effect. His team uses an assortment of 1-inch superconductor discs, made from every conceivable mix of ingredients. His project hardware is a beige-painted metal unit the size of a car battery and an insulated tank about a foot in diameter, with a large coil wrapped around the base capable of taking 800 amps. This tank contains a 6-inch disc rotating in liquid helium, with a gravimeter suspended above.

Noever’s team is struggling to fabricate 12-inch discs. Current disks tend to fracture into pieces during pressing and a subsequent baking process during the 800 amp exercise. "This is what Podkletnov says is the heart of the matter," said Noever, "learning to make the discs. He said it could take us one or two years. He did reveal the composition." Noever implies that gravity may have properties of natural frequencies higher than those commonly used in X-rays or microwave machines. Such high frequencies penetrate all known materials. “A superconductor disc could resonate and downshift the frequency to a lower level where it could be blocked by normal matter....But this is all very speculative." Noever explained that this is but one of three theories that could explain gravity shielding.

At NASA, David Noever theorizes that gravity reduction should diminish with distance. However, Podkletnov proved to his own satisfaction that the effect has no limit. If his 2% weight reduction is correct then a gravity shielding equipped vehicle could levitate with the uplifting force of the heavier air below. "I'm practically sure," Podkletnov says, "that within 10 years, this will be done.....If not by NASA, then by Russia."


Reduction in Mass
James Woodward, an American physicist has claimed to have discovered a method to reduce the mass of objects. "Mass" doesn't mean the same thing as "weight." One loses more weight on the moon than on the Earth, because weight depends on the force of gravity. Mass, on the other hand, is an innate property of matter; it exists even when an object is in free fall. Woodward has written a paper claiming that he could adjust the mass of an object (Foundations of Physics Letters, vol. 3, no.5, 1990), and he even managed to get a US patent for his device (number 5,280,864, issued January25, 1994).

The equipment Woodward uses is relatively simple. One does not require a PhD and it’s possible to reduce the mass of an object in one's own basement or workshop. For all you amateur anti-gravity enthusiasts here's how it's done:

Ø Obtain a high tech ceramic capacitor (a standard electronic item) and attach it to the speaker terminals on a stereo amplifier. Feed in a steady tone perhaps from a stereo-test CD.

Ø Use an electromechanical apparatus like the guts from an old loudspeaker in order to vibrate the capacitor up and down.

Ø According to Woodward, the capacitor's mass will vary at twice the frequency of the signal, so you will need a circuit called a frequency doubler to drive your vibrator at the correct rate.

Ø If the vibrator lifts the capacitor while it's momentarily lighter and drops it while it's heavier, you achieve an average mass reduction.

It may seem strange, getting something for nothing; however, Woodward believes that you may in fact be mysteriously transporting additional energy from the rest of the universe. Woodward has used this method to measure a reduction of up to 150 milligrams which is just a fraction of an ounce.

Anti-Gravity Energy Vortexes

Daniel Home was a world famous levitator from 1820-1850. He lived in the Lake Ontario Gridpoint area of the Earth’s Gravity Grid (geometrical flow lines of gravity energy). In 1950 scientist sin coordination with the Canadian National Research Council and US Navy discovered magnetic anomalies that seemed to create columns or pillars across the Lake Ontario Grid. These columns contained peculiar behaviors of gravity and magnetism. The strange gravitational effects within these columns could be the result of a reduction in the nuclear binding forces that hold together matter. These forces are stronger in the north and weaker in the south. Wilbert Smith, a Canadian communications engineer, noted that when this weakened nuclear force encountered matter under stress, such material disintegrated perhaps resulting in unexplained aircraft disasters. Scientists latter concluded that the ionization within the air of these columns generated luminous anomalies which could levitate dielectrics such as rocks from the ground. Levitation is a process caused by diamagnetism which exists across the earth gravity grid. Scientists and theorists have suggested that such an action creates an ant-gravity force that pulls matter upwards and can be credited for the shifting of Florida creating the Key areas. The nearest energy vortex to the Florida Keys lies in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. The Coral Castle was built in the Florida Keys and is a demonstration of the hidden principles of magnetics. Another diamagnetic energy vortex (referred to as anomaly points) lie in a shifting proximity to the Great Pyramids. Other anomaly points include central Australia, 10 on the Tropic of Capricorn, and the Nevada Desert (Area 51). Extraordinary feats of gravity can be achieved at these points such as levitating extremely heavy objects (the Great Pyramids?) or launching massive space vehicles and probes (NASA). Transportation officials warn planes and boats to avoid the Bermuda Triangle, because at certain times when extra stress is administered by the sun, moon and temperature forces, this diamagnetic energy vortex could render anything under 500 lbs space junk!

Human Diamagnetism

Gravity Antenna Levitation
Diamagnetic anti-gravity vortexes can be demonstrated by humans. Diamagnetism is simply a magnetically neutralized zone that is created between north and south magnetic fields. This is why the majority of earth's anti-gravity vortexes lie in proximity to the equator. Arranging 5 people in a specific order can create a gravity antenna which can be used for levitation. For those interested, we will describe a step-by-step process that will allow you to levitate freely anywhere in the world. You will need 5 people (preferably 3 and 2 of opposite sex) and an open mind to perform what is known as party levitation.

Ø Participants should be carefully positioned 45 degrees off magnetic north, east, west and south (use a compass) around any individual seated in a chair to form a square. Surround the individual just behind his shoulders and his knees in equidistance apart.

Alternate male and female sexes on the 45 degree magnetic position points. Make sure there are 2 male and 2 females in alternation for best results.

Ø Stack in alternation male/female hands on top of the central person's head so that like-gendered (male/male or female/female) hands are not touching.

Hold hands on the central person's head for a count of 10. On the 10th count, quickly remove stacked hands and place an index finger under the four corners of the chair. The counter will say lift and the central person will levitate with minimal applied force. If these steps are followed properly none of the levitators (lifters) should feel any resistance. Remove the central person from the chair and replace him or her with perhaps hundreds of pounds of books or other heavy objects. Levitation is still possible. The four levitators will have created a smal ldiamagnetic anti-gravity vortex, and this is what happens in many large geographical locations across the word.

Anti-Gravity: Final Thoughts:

Many physicists are skeptical about gravity shielding because they believe that it conflicts with Einstein's general theory of relativity. According to George Smoot, a prominent physics professor at UC Berkeley who collaborated on an essay that won a Gravity Research Foundation award, "If gravity shielding is going to be consistent with Einstein's general theory, you would need tremendous amounts of mass and energy. It's far beyond the technology we have today." However, developments by physicists Modanese, Li, and Torr portray a superconductor as a giant "quantum object" which could exclude criticism received by Smoot. Einstein's general theory does not deal with quantum effects. As Smoot himself admits, "The general theory is widely revered because Einstein wrote it, and it happens to be very beautiful. But the general theory is not entirely compatible with quantum mechanics, and sooner or later it will have to be modified." Smoot also says that the nonlinear spin of gravitons (gravity particles) makes calculations extremely difficult. "When you add a spinning disc," he says, "the equations become impossible to solve." All this implies that gravity shielding cannot be disproved mathematically. The skeptic Bob Park himself deters from describing the notion of anti-gravity as "impossible," because "there have been things that we thought were impossible, which actually came to pass." The physics professor and sci-fiwriter at UC Irvine said, “There's nothing impossible about gravity shielding, it just requires a field theory that we don't have yet. Anyone who says it's inconceivable is suffering from a lack of imagination."


"Classified Technology" #7, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey
In the book Underground Bases and Tunnels, Richard Sauder describes a fascinating tunneling machine, a nuclear subterrene. “Nuclear subterrenes work by melting their way through the rock and soil, actually vitrifying it as they go, and leaving a neat, solid glass-lined tunnel behind them.”

This process requires immense heat, which is provided by a nuclear reactor. To tunnel through the rock liquid lithium heats the rock up to the point of melting it. While losing heat, the liquid lithium is expelled behind the subterrene and serves to cool the melted rock behind it. While moving forward the cooled liquid lithium moves back to the small reactor from which the process began. So the subterrene bores itself through the earth, solidifying the path behind it with glass. Sauder reports that the machine can boreholes up to 12 meters in diameter.

There are a number of patents for the subterrene, all belonging to the United States. The existence of subterrenes may explain many interesting phenomena, for instance the claim by many “UFO” victims that they have been taken to massive, cylindrical glass-walled tunnels. Who knows . . .


NASA has developed a new engine technology, the Xenon Ion Engine, which will allow for many advancements in space travel. The Xenon Ion engine will work with solar electric energy to propel the new millennium’s space craft into new galaxies. The use of ion propulsion by NASA is the first instance of space travel that does not rely on chemical propulsion. Joe Feese explains the engine’s technology:

“DS1's xenon ion engine, which fires electrically charged atoms from its thrusters, is just 11.8 inches in diameter and is powered by more than 2,000 watts from large solar arrays, which focus, collect and store solar energy. Using xenon, a heavy inert gas, for fuel, the engine ionizes (gives an electrical charge to) the gas and electrically accelerates it to aspeed of about 18.6 miles per second (about 70,000 miles per hour). When the xenon ions are emitted at such a high speed, they then push the spacecraft in the opposite direction. The converted xenon appears as a ghostly blue haze that trails from the back of the spacecraft as it catapults through space.

Perhaps the strangest thing about ion propulsion is that it provides about the same amount of thrust as the pressure of a single sheet of paper held in the palm of the hand. So how does that power a spacecraft? As more and more ions are emitted, this low thrust gradually changes the craft's velocity from low to high speed.

Since the cumulative mass of the positively charged ions fired out of the thruster doesn't weigh much, the spacecraft moves only millimeters per second in its early stages of flight. But as the energy produced accumulates, the speed can eventually build up to 70,200 miles per hour, compared to just 10,400 miles per hour for the fastest chemical propulsion engines with the same vehicle launcher and amount of propellant.”

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"Classified Technology" #2, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey
"Classified Technology" #3, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey
"CLASSIFIED TECHNOLOGY" #4, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey
"Classified Technology" #5, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey
"Classified Technology" #6, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey
"Classified Technology" #7, Graham Stevenson and Dylan Touhey

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