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Daryl Oster - Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT)

Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) is a new kind of transportation system that requires less than two percent of the energy of current transportation methods. It is also much safer and faster. No air is in the tube to cause resistance. Ultra lightweight, pressurized cabins, like aircraft passenger cabins, travel in the tube on thin steel wheels, or P-Maglev. Most of the energy used to accelerate a capsule is “recycled” as the capsule is stopped, by using conventional electrical motor/generator technology. Besides the environmental benefits ETT is expected to cost about 50% of the cost of equivalent interstate highways, and needs only 20% of the ongoing maintenance costs. Similarly, maintenance is expected to cost less than 10% of the amount per passenger mile we currently spend on air transport systems. The overall energy use for ETT will be less than one twentieth of what we would use if we continue with cars and planes.

For a sustainable transportation plan to succeed it must in the short-term offer improved convenience, sufficient capacity, speed, lower costs and with greater safety. For the long term, systems should be able to offer a tenfold improvement in energy efficiency and improve environmental conditions with a tenfold reduction in emissions.

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