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Society, Civilization & Humanity: Suggestions 4 Reconnecting

Suggestions on disconnecting from a system that no longer works and reconnecting with life. Waiting for some mass movement is an excuse. We can take steps in our own lives and directly influence our few friends/neighbors. Phrases like, "Disband the Fed," are nothing more than proclamations... an expression of a wish w/o advice as to how. Why not concentrate on those issues within our power?Let's put our heads together & come up with ideas that we can do individually instead of waiting for congress, a leader or some mass movement. ... any idea... doesn't have to be perfect.Mike Gravel is not the answer. No, not even Ron Paul is the answer. *You* are the answer. Nobody else has to do anything but you.dontyouwannabecool "all you NEED is food, shelter, and water.. and the resources for all of these are FREE and always have been. if you dont realize that, how far removed from the planet that sustains you must you be?"
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