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What happend to the Great American Empire?

Looking at the US economy I'm getting more and more upset with what I see. We use to send people with ideas overseas from Europe, go to the USA where everything is possible, we use to tell them. Today the technology seems on a downwards spiral, the second wave of the industrial revolution just doesn't seem to happen? The information age should have started it all but ... it's just not happening?

The main thing that went wrong according to me:

I remember days when man to man communication was all we had. We didn't have anything else, occasional phone calls did take place but mostly to arrange physical social live. Today we have faxes, telex, email, video, podcasts, blogs, forums, mobile phones, a thousand flavors of multiplayer pacman online etc non of which seem to allow for actual communication. People joke a lot but we don't seem to get any work done.

We laugh at everything anyone says! No really! We act like children about the most serious subjects. This behavior seems more dictated by the media than ever. I don't even bother to write in my blog, I just post interesting things other people do and leave it up to you to figure out what it's all about. I suspect most of the page views here involve lots of laughter at peoples serious efforts. I might be guilty of that myself.

But what kind of future does this hold? Isn't the line straight enough for us to see where it leads? The picture at the horizon scares me to be frank. The main advantage in meeting in person seems to be violence. Punching people in the face seems a mandatory ingredient for getting things done. Just knowing you will get it is enough to behave yourself in a civilised way. What odd people we are?

Why isn't everyone running around with solar pannels and windmils jet? The gadgets we see all over the technosphere and technomedia don't seem to do anything we can use.

I want to see fully automated manufacturing owned by civilians the way the information age suggests things should be done.

We should all be drawing up machines, writing software, making trail runs in virtual environments. This seems to be a long way from where we are heading. It's an interesting quest to make it all happen, I'm going to think about it some more.

As the great leader I am (a joke?) for now I suggest you sign up for programs and projects that actually plan to do something worth doing in the real world. Here is a fun twist: