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Overpopulation Dictum? Better Change the Carrying Capacity of Earth!

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The carrying capacity of the Earth has a proximate limit because we think of that limit as something that we can't change, but we can, if we change our exponential growth into sustainable growth.

This is not meant literally but understand what it signifies.

Couldn't we all be traveling the world in solar powered ships with automated hydroponic farms in them?
energy costs would be zero,
no pollution,
water would be recycled or minimal amounts would be required (desalinization),
waste would be stored/disposed adequately
(yes, that could happen in an ILLUSORY WORLD, BUT keep it in mind when thinking of change)
And what would people do mainly?
Science and Arts perhaps

4 acres base, 30 stories high building to feed 50,000 people:

The future of development is in the seas, for more on sea cities and the redesign of our culture visit:
to see the ideas of Jacques Fresco

The current crisis will only aggravate itself, change is needed.

Crops are not sufficient to feed everyone because we haven't invested in new farming technologies, for instance visit:

widen the global consciousness
Spread the word!

Things haven't worked out, we have to think about redesigning our culture, and that could only happen if we planned together as the One Nation that has all the resources in the world available.
YouTube - Overpopulation Dictum? Better Change the Carrying Capacity of Earth!