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FDA criminality

I want to thank those of you who helped send me on this trip to DC, without your help, what I'm about to tell you would not be happening, because it required me to go face to face with a lot of different sectors of the bureaucracy- some things you just can't get done in this town over a phone line.Theres an entity inside the Department of Health & Human Services that was created largely due to chronic FDA criminality and malfeasance. Its called the Inspector General's office, and their job is to put people and situations at FDA under a magnifying glass and to take action where necessary to stop the sort of abuses which IAHF was created to expose and stop.I've launched a separate, but parallel probe via the GAO (Government Accountability Office). Realize that probably has you snorting in mirthful incredulity, but they actually have an office just a few doors from the Red Roof Inn here in Chinatown where I've been staying for the past several days and I moseyed in there the other day for some sit down talks about a whole raft of things that are unfolding right in front of all our noses- hidden in "plain site."
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