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sound of alarm bells

I keep mentioning, we can use alcohol to fuel our economy.

The most significant argument:

without oxygen you are going to die.

Lack of oxygen is a slow death, the brain dies first, not from one moment into another but very very slowly. It means everyone has already lost part of their thinking ability. This means the things that should have happened 50 years ago will not become more obvious to you over time. The logical thing to do will not become more obvious to you but quite the opposite is already happening.

At current levels of pollution the sun light is no longer able to burn flying fungus.

'Stem rust' fungus threatens global wheat harvest
New variety of an old crop disease called "stem rust" can infect crops in just a few hours and vast clouds of invisible spores can be carried by the wind for hundreds of miles

Other bacteria will share this benefit. We should indeed have listened 100 years ago. But no amount of arguments seems to be enough to get it though peoples thick skull.

We can burn alcohol and this is easy to make. We can use crops that need no fertilizer hemp being the most suitable for the job.

People are already dieing in places like Tibet. Tokyo has oxygen levels that would be considered dangerous working environments in 1980. There is not one disease that doesn't greatly benefit from low blood oxygen levels. China developed a way to add oxygen to blood to recover people who collapsed. Oxygen bars appear all over the globe. This doesn't happen for magical reasons.

The situation is fkn retarded.

All kinds of new diseases appear and more will follow.

Your thoughts will decrease slowly like a cooked frog, the new bacteria will fly all over the globe AND.... We converted all bio mass and all fossil energy resources into human bio mass. If we cant manage to keep this bio mass healthy it will become a breeding pit for diseases that will first prey on the weak and after several trillions of generations (a few weeks) those diseases will develop themselves into a new variety of the black plague. At any stage the rotting corpses will not provide progress in any way.

Aviation will become a supportive industry of global death. At current levels of ignorance even here nothing will be done against it. Those planes will continue to deliver "important" business people all over the globe to debate their "important" coupon trading system.

It doesn't have a freaking thing to do with real world events. You will all die because you are afraid of alcohol and afraid of hemp. You are just to bloody ignorant to see it.

I suggest you stop doing that.

Pull your head out of your rectum and start spreading the word.

Don't like the documentation, write your own. Write it the way it should look in your opinion. Add pictures of dead people, do what it takes to wake people up. This will be hard but it wont become easier.

What am I doing here? Am I talking to you? Do you understand anything I wrote here? Why am I doing this? Perhaps I think it's a crazy idea to kill everyone? It's not worth your time to do something against this. nahhhh, yours precious ego is so important.

Lets see you flush the topic down the forum index with your imaginary problem talk again.

All the solutions right in front of your nose. You cant get mad about it, would rather just roll over and die. The flip side of the coin holds prosperity for all. Cheap fuels, clean air, new technological revolutions. Global happiness unlike your wildest dreams.

But first you have to get mad.

Here is that nice entertaining video again.

Just sticking your head out of the window isn't going to be enough. And we do have the solutions. But not everyone is screaming, did you notice that?

Here is why,

Deep down inside you already chose the future where everyone dies. But it wasn't a vision, it was a manifestation. It wasn't a static image of the future but it was the future you chose for yourself.

Ask yourself about it. How do you want the picture to look? Are you really sure there is nothing you do that has any influence on your life? Are you sure?

Do you really have no influence on anything in your life?

Either way, you know what to do.

Tell people there was this strange and silly guy who dared to suggest we could survive this thing. The scary part was that it all made sense......

Do your worse,


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