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biogas can replace all EU natural gas imports

The biogas sector is booming in Germany and has become the continent's fastest renewable energy sector. Market leader Schmack Biogas just recently received a %u20AC130 million investment to expand its activities - one of last year's largest renewable energy deals. The company is involved in several new large scale projects.The growing interest in the gaseous biofuel can be easily explained: it can be produced in a decentralised manner, it is highly efficient - yielding more than twice as much energy per hectare of energy crops than ethanol from similar crops - and it can be obtained in a straightforward way from a large variety of biomass resources (organic waste, manure, dedicated energy crops). What is more, the fuel has two highly efficient uses: as a gas for CNG-capable vehicles (taking you twice around the world on a hectare's worth of biogas) as well as a fuel that can be used for the cogeneration of power and heat.
Report: biogas can replace all EU natural gas imports