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Nazi Ties to the European Union - Harry Beckhough

Harry Beckhough witness to Hitlers rise to power. Born in Bristol 1914, Honors Graduate at Bristol University, specialized in German at Freiburg University. Served in India, and worked as a codebreaker in WW2. Authored: "Germany's Four Reichs", "Secret Communications"; (codebreaking in WW2), and "In the Beginning" (who wrote the first five books in the Bible). Mr Beckhough is a witness to burning books by the Brownshirts and Hitlers speeches were signals of signs of trouble. Witnessed Smashing of windows of shops in the Crystal night in Freibourg. Met Conrad Adenauer. He relates that it was the Romans who orinially named them "The Germani". He relates Germanys postion, later, in the forming of the European Union.
Nazi Ties to the European Union - WW2 Codebreaker Harry Beckhough