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Teachings of Jmmanuel

Level 1 is concerned with simple survival. Primitive thought patterns and speech develop.
At Level 2, rational thought is cultivated. Societies are established. We have cultural activities and primitive science. Empires rise and vanish.
At Level 3, the first expressions of wisdom lead to intelligent use of knowledge. Technology is used to enhance the enjoyment of human life. We also see the beginnings of space travel here.
Earth human intelligence and spiritual advancement covers a wide range within Levels 2 and 3.
At Level 4, humans are grasping the spiritual nature of reality and begin to utilize their spirit power.
At Level 5, humans have learned to live in peace and harmony with the Laws and Directives of Creation. They are able to distort time and space for intergalactic space travel. This is the level of Jmmanuel’s Pleiaran teachers. Gods come from advanced stages of this level. JHWH stands for “King of Wisdom.” Such a god may be assigned to oversee human evolution on an entire planet.
In Level 6, advanced spirit forms have developed enough wisdom and power to be able to evolve further without the need of a physical body.
At Level 7 spiritual beings have become perfect, ending their journey by merging with the spirit of Creation.

Teachings of Jmmanuel

Giving up is for losers.

I would much rather see my best not being good enough than to be one of those people who would give up in advance.

I will just try again and I will fail again, and again, and again.

Winning the Tour the France is aiming way to high if you never owned a bicycle. First you need to learn to ride it, then go faster, then continue to practice for many years. Win some races, then you can talk about entering the tour the France. Starting out like a bag of potatoes hanging on a sofa arguing such an effort could never pay off is everything loser'ism stands for.

The thrill is in the small accomplishments over time.

Dealing with armchair losers who insist you should be a giving up kind of person is one such step.

  1. First a person lives by primitive instincts. The skills one is born with.

  2. Then a person learns to think rationally about random subjects.

  3. Then a person learns to aim his attention in order to use his ability to think to do constructive things.

  4. Then and only then one may grasp morals, values and those heavily stigmatized spiritual values.

  5. The implementation follows and we learn to live in peace and harmony @ large.

  6. After that we may aim to reach a stage where we can live without a physical body and accomplish this.

  7. Eventually, in the end we end up being part of the creative force that created this universe.

Signs of all of those stages already exist in our civilization. We know a lot about genetics, not enough to create life just for the fun of it but there are clear signs we one day will. A keyboard is a man-machine interface, we understand intelligence up to a point where we can build intelligent machines, we have machines that can read minds, mind uploading is not as far away as you think. We instinctively know that living in disharmony has great potential to kill everyone. No more oxygen in the atmosphere equals the end of the show. There already are plenty of people who are not immoral sadist, enlightened and full of good intentions. If non of us knew how to apply our rational thoughts we wouldn't be looking at this forum right now. There are also lots of people trying to master rational thought.

And yes, there is also a small minority of human primates who think bashing in peoples skull is the only way. Predatory sadism is not a bad instinct to have, it keeps you alive in the jungle. Bit of tribal doctrine to justify it to the tribe. It however doesn't mean they will never master rational thought, most of them are already working at it. You know who you are.

Yours truly,