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Czech Republic - Prison for journalists

Video on freedom of press (by Mr.Michal Musil, Deputy Editor of MF DNES, Czech Republic)
YouTube - Civil Liberties Day - Freedom of press
This website contains information about a law which limits freedom of press in the Czech Republic.Up to 5 years in prison and a heavy fine %u2013 this is the threat under which journalists publishing any account from police wiretapping have been living since April 1st, 2009. The threat of the punishment looms even if the journalist brings the information in public interest; even those who would publish a police wiretapped discussion of a politician lobbying in the interest of a private company have to be taken to court.According to the law, punishment also looms over anyone who publishes the name of a crime victim without his or her pre-approval - even when it is a politician attacked on the street.
Prison for journalists

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