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Well! things are coming around a little, on May 17 2007 the SaPaDaPaSo (Saint Patrick's Day Parade Society) of Cedar Rapids held their 35th annual St Patrick's day parade!  there were a TON of people downtown and the group included two PPVs.  Mine and Rick Paulous'  I also brought a couple of other trikes.  The PPVs were ridden by Rick and Lisa Paulous and my PPV was operated by David and Sandy Meiner.  Rick and Lisa actually RODE to the parade from 2 1/2 miles away then rode home, a long day of about 6 or 7 miles of PPV riding!the Two PPVs rolled around the streets and it looked like the moves were rehersed as they circled around and around then infigure 8 and other thing. it looked like an elaborate sort of square dance.

Very nice.