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A few months ago I shared with you my analysis about the present political situation in an article headlined “The Icarus Sect“. In this article I named the interests who for decades have been robbing our planet and are willing to sacrifice the health and the lives of billions of people in the interest of the chemical/pharmaceutical and oil Cartel.
The name “Icarus“ is taken from a figure in Greek mythology: The arrogant Icarus – armed with artificial wings made out of wax – tried to fly higher and higher. He succeeded until he got too close to the sun and its heat melted the wax of his fake wings. Inevitably, he fell from the sky to his death.
Precisely this is the fate of today’s “Icarus Sect”, those interest groups who have been ruthlessly seeking to monopolize health, food and energy supplies for the people of our planet. In order to continue their unscrupulous investment business, they were willing to bring wars, epidemics, hunger and economic crisis to our planet.
The “Icarus Sect” is doomed because – driven by their insatiable greed – they were flying too close to the sun. Now the sun – the truth – is brightly shining on the fake wings of the “Icarus Sect” (i.e. the multi-trillion dollar oil and drug business) and exposing them as fakes. The tyranny of oil and the dependency of mankind on the false promises of the drug industry is ending – and with it the century-long terror regime of the “Icarus Sect.”
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