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How Israel Helps the Islamic Republic of Iran

Israel is for the Iranian ruling clerics what Osama bin Laden is for the American ruling plutocracy: a very useful enemy against whom one pretends to fight in order to gain domestic legitimacy despite attacking one's own working class.Because the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the countries in George W. Bush%u2019s "Axis of Evil," and because its government condemns Israel in no uncertain terms and praises the Palestinian resistance to Israel, the Iranian government would seem to be on the right side of the major issues in the world, especially in the eyes of those who know that the American and Israeli governments are agents of racism and oppression.Certainly the Shah of Iran, who was overthrown by the Iranians in the revolution that brought the current regime to power, was an enemy of the people if ever there was one. One would therefore expect the new regime to be a friend of the people.Yet despite all of these reasons for expecting the Iranian government to be a friend of the people, it is not. The Iranian government is an anti-working class government.
How Israel Helps the Islamic Republic of Iran Control the Iranian Working Class

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