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A sad day for Atheism

If people live to long in the same location they become inbreeds and turn yellow, white or black. They also tend to adopt weird believe systems like Christianity, Judasism, Islam, Democracy, Communism, ownership of land, and most of all a monetardy system.

You got to love those big banking churches all over the globe with their blind followers. No religion can top that. Something like: In 7 days Gawd bought the heavens and the earths, purchased some humans with it. And well.... it's not worth much now..... but it sure is fun to look at.....

Praise the holly money!.... hahahaha.....

No other religion comes close to "I was just following orders", I mean come on?

It's like a alcoholic using "but I was drunk" as an excuse.

You are always drunk dude! Again no cigar!

Or what about: "I must have a job"? Says who? God?

The monetardy religion has 5 whole days of worship per week! No joke! Every week!

For millions of years people grew their own food without divine intervention.

True story!

A fish tank isn't exactly rocket science either. Rabbits also taste good. Can make them from almost anything that is green. No workshiping required.

What blasphemous thoughts.

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