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Real Aryans

YouTube - The Real Aryans

About 6,500 Years ago, successive waves of people were migrating into a land which is now called Iran and northern Iraq. They called themselves the black-headed (dark- haired) people. We know them as the Aryan/Sumerian, ancestors of Iranians and the land in which they settled as the land of Sumer (Iran Plateau) The Aryans/Sumerians established the first recognizable civilization with a workable system of government. Their other achievements include the invention of WHEELED VEHICLES and the use of written language. The ancient Iranians developed the scientific practice of agriculture; on the arts side, a distinctive style of architecture and a complex religion which is reflected in their literature. Summer lasted well over 1,000 years before it fell to Semite warrior people from the north, the AKKADIANS, and even then Sumerian culture continued to dominate the new empire. Many legends surround the person of the Akkadian leader, Sargon I (2637-2582 BC.). He was once cup-bearer to the king of Kish. The legend goes that he was found as a baby floating on the river in a basket made of reeds.