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The Battle For Your Mind

Technoethics researcher Nick Begich, Jr. presents an ethical application of a Neurophone-like device. Probands amazed by the direct brain sound. Then he talks about realtime auditive perception induction technologies, possible remote influencing applications, also non-audible and on a wider scale, and a related abuse prevention resolution of the European Parliament. Cut from three of his lectures at various conferences in the postmillennial decade. An older clip from Undercurrents, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV series with documentaries on technology, brings up some unclassified research results of neuroscientist Michael A. Persinger and subliminal programmer Igor V. Smirnov. The playlists on the synthetelepa page walk through underdocumented phenomena of more or less direct messaging, on the way touching some supporting technologies, research and grounding concepts. More and more effective tools appear, possibilities to install and utilize alternative perception paths, to sidestep primary consciousness processes, to access the mind directly and without consent, to inject suggestions, to derail or throttle individual thoughts, to plant mental viruses, to model, direct and reflexively program thinking, psyche and behavior at an instant.
YouTube - The Battle For Your Mind

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