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Noosphere & Interconnectedness
15 videos
Out of an undifferentiated chaotic entropy ocean sometime, somehow, distinguished structure, physical and virtual arrangement, information condensated. Silence, white noise, sound, resonance, harmony, tune, melody, composition. The path is to refine and organize to ever higher qualities. Vacuum, deviations, variations, oscillations, energy concentrations, matter clusters, life, perception, sentience, thought and thinking. Clearly the noosphere of earth is actually one thing that no matter what grows and develops, in contrast to mere change cycles. Sapience and omnipresent, instant interconnectedness accelerate. Homo connectus polyphonensis and polymorphensis emerge. Collective wisdom and aggregate levels of the unconscious and conscious continue to form. A larger whole, a bigger we just happens to be.
Psychological & Languaging
11 videos
influencing, suggestion, subliminal, hypnosis, nlp, Doppelsprech, nebenläufige Sprache, forked tongue, tunnelspeak, mind programming, mind control
Research & Technology
19 videos
interconnectedness, entanglement, ESP, psi effects, telepathy-like effects, remote viewing, sensory enhancement, electromagnetic stimulation, AI precursors, simulated neural nets, brain uploading, synthetic reality, synthetic telepathy, brainphone, remote influencing, nonlethal weapons

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