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Car computer that makes speeding history!

LONDON: Scientists have developed an in-car computer that they claim could soon make it impossible for motorists to speed beyond the permissible limit. A team in Britain has developed the Intelligent Speed Adaption system that detects the speed limit and automatically slows the car if it is being driven too fast on a busy road, the 'Daily Mail' reported. According to its developers, the computer pinpoints a vehicle's exact location via satellite and accesses a database of every road's speed limit to determine how fast the vehicle should be travelling. In fact, the system works by preventing the speeding vehicle's accelerator from crossing the permissible limit no matter, how far it is depressed. It doesn't affect the brakes. If an ISA-equipped car is driven from a 40 mph to a 30 mph or 20 mph zone, it is automatically and gradually slowed down. The Transport for London which runs buses, trains, the Underground and major roads in London, is currently carrying out a trial of the system to evaluate the technology's impact on road safety and congestion. "This innovative technology could help any driver avoid the unnecessary penalties of creeping over the speed limit and at the same time will save lives," said Chris Lines, Head of Transport for London's road safety unit.
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