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Rafat Bayat

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TEHRAN - On May 20 the Guardian Council will release a shortlist of candidates who have been approved to run in the June 12 presidential election, Guardian Council spokesman Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaii said here on Saturday. And there is no legal restraint on the candidacy of women in the country's presidential elections, he told reporters at his weekly press conference. The Guardian Council has never disqualified candidates only for their gender, Kadkhodaii added. Government spokesman Gholam-Hossein Elham had earlier said that according to the Constitution, only men can run for president. Kadkhodaii noted that women have submitted their names to the Guardian Council during previous elections and the GC disqualified them only because they lacked the general qualifications.

Former MP Rafat Bayat told the Mehr News Agency on Friday that she intends to run in the upcoming presidential election. She also urged male and female politicians to make efforts to convince Guardian Council members to change their views about their interpretation of the Constitution with regard to the candidacy of women in presidential elections.
tehran times : Shortlist of presidential candidates to be released on May 20

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