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World Economic Forum Africa 2009

The World Economic Forum on Africa to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, June 10-12th 2009 will kick off with a highly interactive session designed to engage over 350 leaders in a brainstorming exercise to examine the current changing global landscape and determine what are the major challenges that African countries need to be most prepared for in the coming year.
We want you to help shape the debate.

Using our innovative tag cloud application, you can vote for the challenge(s) you think African leaders need to give highest priority to in the next 12 months. The results will be presented to participants at the opening session of the summit in Cape Town on June 10th.

You can also submit a short video via youtube explaining why youve voted for a particular challenge. The best videos will be shown to all participants in the opening session.

Vote now or add a new challenge to the tag cloud.
YouTube - Africa 2009 - Brainstorming: Changes, Challenges and Opportunities

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