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A happy ending?

Convergence is a book that proves scientifically that the Earth is about to undergo a major transformation into a higher dimension, or a higher level of vibration. This is commonly referred to as Ascension or Harvest, and it has been prophesied, discussed and anticipated by many, many different groups of people and / or spiritual sources, such as the teachings of the Bible and the Mayan prophecies. The descriptions of this event that are usually given indicate that it will fundamentally restructure everything that we now know about reality into a vastly different picture. Jesus predicted that As I do these things NAMEly miracles such as walking on water, levitating the body, manifesting food items and healing the sick, so shall ye do them, and greater things. In a world where everyone thought and acted as a being like Jesus, with the same capabilities, all of the rules that we now hold to be true would go right out the window. Both the Mayan and Biblical descriptions of Ascension, among many, many other sources of prophecy as well, forecast that this event is very soon to occur in our immediate future - an event horizon centered around the years 2000 to 2012. These descriptions indicate that Earth is poised for transformation into a much more loving and indeed Utopian realm, wherein everyone treats each other with the same degree of fellowship, kindness and compassion that Jesus and all other spiritual teachers have demonstrated for us. And now, to many war-weary people on our planet who are almost completely overwhelmed by the sheer struggle for survival each and every day, such an idea seems to be nothing more than an impossible fairy tale, a Walt Disney-esque happy ending that could have no rational basis in fact. With the advent of science and rational thought, many authority figures have confidently declared ideas such as that of Ascension to be nothing but tired old myths, steadfastly held onto by those believers who cannot see the pure scientific reality of Truth as these figures believe it to be.
Convergence Research Update: The Proof Continues to Increase

World peace = game over?

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