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The Neocons and the Lisbon Treaty

One of those Reaganite-Thatrcherite think tanks that especially despised the Lisbon Treaty and none other that the Heritage Foundation, which the Thatcher Centre for Freedom is also associated. So, it is no big shock that Sally McNamara alleges a threat to the Atlantic Alliance and the US-UK "special relationship." In her January 2008 essay, McNamara's complaints about the Reform Treaty (Lisbon Treaty) especially center on the "special relationship," and that Britain's ability to make its own independent foreign policy will be jeopardized. What is reflected in this policy paper is the fear that the "special relationship" will be harmed if Europe is given the tools to promote its values regardless of Britain's common values that are shared with America (12). To these folks, Gordon Brown is really a traitor for "signing away Britain's sovereignty."  Video: The Rise of the European Superstate - CNN - June 18, 2007. Featured is none other than Sally McNamara, of the Heritage Foundation, the Reaganite-Thatrcherite opponents of the Lisbon Treaty and Europe's ambitions to rightfully become a superpower.Europeans that have watched this are often shocked at the idea that Lou Dobbs and CNN would be such Europhobes, but the notion of American dominance of Europe is actually mainstream. In the end, it's all about American primacy.
America, the Lisbon Treaty and Europe's place in the world

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