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Acabion TM - Mobility of the 21st Century - Dr. Peter Maskus

Dr. Peter Maskus, Acabion TM Visionary Motion and MIKOVA Systems Consulting Mobility of the 21st Century History of mobility is easily narrated: 1800 came with the railroads. 1900 came with cars. The 21st century will come with another fundamental innovation. Even though almost no one knows today, how the longterm future of earthbound global traffic will look like, it anyhow is already defined. It will look very different to what we are used to today. Beautiful, surprisingly elegant, "stretched out in the winds of change" and adapted to nature, instead of offending and plundering it. %u2028And it will be extremely capable, offering 400 mph on elevated tracks, powered by solar electricity, fully automated and extremely safe. The presentation will show it, and it will elaborate on why it it is already defined. Dr.-Ing. Peter Maskus was an engineer and strategic consultant at companies like Porsche, Ariane Aerospace, BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Later he joined Masaaki Imai's Kaizen Institute in Tokyo and became one of Imai's top experts in Toyota Production and lean management. Assuring progress in management and production, he anyhow did not see consequent innovations coming up on the product site. Hence he decided to generate sophisticated product innovations by himself. Two decades of international top management consulting plus decisive endeavor for sustainable new technologies make Dr. Peter Maskus one of the soundest international strategic consultants in success factors, creativity and innovation, today.
Dr. Peter Maskus - Mobility of the 21st Century

maglev - logistic rejuvenation

British inventor Eric Laithwaite was such incredible man the British Royal Institution decided not to publish even a transcript and to strip him from his credentials.

With the Maglev project cancelled, the technology Laithwaite had devoted the previous twenty years to developing was put in mothballs. The object of his entire career for decades disappeared overnight. Of course the British Royal Society only dictates the laws of nature in Brittan, the EU has it's own psychic's who do not fear their hallucinations held up to scrutiny.

Thanks to Japanese wizards and magicians the dream of maglev technology is still alive and waiting... After all those years the technology is slowly finding it's way into native European Alchemy far outside the curse of Royal disenchantments. However, much work remains to manifest said daemon into the realm of practical use.

It can be argued that with current fuel prices transportation has to become much more efficient, and Maglev is the only viable option to greatly enhance and rejuvenate the current logistic chains. From this viewpoint one could state that introduction of Maglev transportation is of vital importance for all high developed countries to maintain a sound economic future.[1]


With the new deep sea terminal Rotterdam wil enter a new stage in development. The largest ships that are being build can enter the harbor: the Post-Panamax vessels. Figure 2 shows what enormous amounts will be carried in by these vessels.[1]

Evacuated tube transport can potentially transport/travel at 6000 km/hr and do so at 1% of the cost.

FAST - N.Y. to L.A. in 45 minutes; Washington D.C. to Beijing in 2 hours - 350mph local , to 4000mph international.[2]
CONVENIENT - Runs continuously - travel when you want to without delays or stops.[2]
EFFICIENT - Uses less than 1% of the energy at a given speed, 90% + material savings.[2]
CLEAN - Environmentally benign; Sustainable with renewable energy; Ultra quiet.[2]
SAFE - Eliminates virtually all chance of collision; Protected from adverse weather and obstacles.[2]
ACHIEVABLE - ETT Built mostly with off the shelf parts; 350mph guideway $2M/mile, capsules $27k, Stations $25M, plus land, or ROW.[2]

Such network will effectively turn transportation in Europe into the equivalent of a small village. It makes it technically feasible for a farmer to put high tech farming equipment in a container and have it up and running in Poland or Africa the same day. Service and maintenance will no longer present the costly problem it does today.

Manufacturing facilities can be located far away from the urban areas where the product is purchased and/or deployed.

....The second part of the Acabion strategy is as follows: As soon as some MK's and GT's roll, their superb image of a thrilling new bionic and mechatronic high speed mobility will be used to promote solar powered and anyhow super-fast streamliner mobility as such. And then Acabion will provide standard road streamline crafts, learning from the ultra-hightech versions and transferring that absolutely superior technology into standard cost- and power-settings as well as true mass production volumes.

If we talk about "Mobility 2050" and "Mobility 2100" in our Acabion / Traffic System menu, then we primarily talk about that new group of standard-costs and mass mobility crafts.[3]

And perhaps more importantly....

The Acabion MK, GT and da Vinci models stop childrens dreams about wrong, wasteful and hence futile techologies, such as all kinds of combustion engine or electric cars. And talking about true dreams.[3]

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