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RE: could I have your opinion?

RE: could I have your opinion?

I guess my initial feeling is why pay to be global..we already are. I dont really care who reads me and who doesnt. The people who enjoy me do..others dont.So is life.I have now entered podcasting and would like to further myself there..but thank you for the consideration!

Jenny PizzaBabe

Gaby: We already pay for a pc and Internet connection and we spend time making the blog. But this would be for people that like to read you but just didn't know. Image

Ok,am I understanding this right? We would pay to post in the "magazine"...they would pay to read it..ummmm.Sounds like a good money making deal..but Im lost at what I would get out of it? More readers? Podcasting is like radio for the internet..and its free. Its also going "global" and getting sponsors. Google podcasting..there plenty of info out there. Its basically an mp3 you can listen to anytime. Many use ipods or mp3 players..I have never had anything more than my happy computer:).